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European driving licence - can he go back to Poland to get another license?

yvette 1 | 1
5 Jun 2012 #1
My partner is Polish and has a European driving licence. He lost his wallet last year with the driving licence in it but has now been caught speeding. He has 28 days to admit being the driver but he doesnt know what will happen with regards to getting the points put on his licence. He thinks he has to go back to Poland for about 3 weeks so that he can get another licence but at the moment he is in and out of hospital having operations on a monthly basis so not planning to go back anytime soon. Could somebody give me some advice please. Thanks
gdyniaguy 1 | 281
5 Jun 2012 #2
Poles can't get points on their license in the UK. Same as us expats in Poland. He may have a major problem though if he doesn't produce a valid license when asked though. The police could fine him or even imprison him for driving without a license (he could even be deported). You need to contact the police and explian what is happening. asap.
OP yvette 1 | 1
16 Jun 2012 #3
Thank you very much for your help. Much appreciated. Will sort out the situation very soon
delphiandomine 88 | 18,475
16 Jun 2012 #4
Same as us expats in Poland.

Actually - not true. The points are linked to a PESEL, rather than the driving licence - hence expats with a PESEL can perfectly well obtain points.

(he could even be deported).

Wrong. EU citizens have a right of residence - and thus - deportation is not an option.
ChicagoPolonia 1 | 2
16 Jun 2012 #5
I believe the best thing he could have done was told the police his name, Prawo Jazdy:

This normally stops the problem at the root.
gdyniaguy 1 | 281
18 Jun 2012 #6
Wonder how many Polish police officers in Wroclaw speak Irish Gaelic? just a thought? Bit of a none story!
10 Nov 2013 #7

'delphiadomine' is correct that points are linked to PESEL if you have one. In theory therefore even if you do not have a Polish licence but have collected 24 points within 12 months, you could be banned until you take a test and get a Polish licence.

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