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Establishing LLC in Poland (register in Krakow, business in Warsaw) and work/residence permit

jewellover 1 | 3
23 Aug 2015 #1

I am trying to establish LLC in Poland. My lawyer is in Krakow but i will do my business in Warsaw.

Is it possible to register LLC to Krakow court and do business and live in Warsaw? how are the work permit and residence permit going on?

The reason why i try to register my company to krakow because i heard that my friend try to get residence permit in Warsaw but it`s delayed too long time. he think that the city is capital and there are too many people who want to get residence permit.

Headache. in many of country Goverment don`t care where they do business and live in if they registered company to anywhere in the country. but it is my first time to do business in Poland.

Please help me~
InPolska 11 | 1,821
23 Aug 2015 #2
Hi! What is your nationality? Are you from EU? This is most important. Why Poland?
OP jewellover 1 | 3
23 Aug 2015 #3
Hi, I am a Korean. i will do exporting and logistics business in Poland. Many of Korean company start to invest to Poland. Samsung, LG etc. i have several projects to work with them.
Pol attorney 2 | 106
24 Aug 2015 #4
Of course, you can register your company in Krakow and do business in Warsaw (or in any other city in Poland for that matter) and also in other countries of the EU. This will be legal.

However, you will still have to apply for residence in the warsaw office because you are a foreigner not living in Poland - if this is the case.

There are some exceptions here, but it's necessary to look at the details.

We have a law firm based in poland, so I would be able to help you with your case.

if you are interested, send me a private message on the forum or contact me directly

Home / Law / Establishing LLC in Poland (register in Krakow, business in Warsaw) and work/residence permit
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