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Poland/England handwritten Will without witnesses

Mrs T 1 | 12
29 Sep 2017 #1
Hi-my (English) father has a holiday home in Poland. We have been told that a handwritten Will signed and dated by him requiring no witnesses will be best for a Polish Court. However, this would not be valid for probate in England as it would not have 2 witnesses.So, does he need 2 Wills? I will be his sole heir.

Thank you.
Roger5 1 | 1,455
29 Sep 2017 #2
I assume he's still in the land of the living, so why not make another will and have it witnessed? Belt and braces.
terri 1 | 1,664
29 Sep 2017 #3
In Poland it is always best to go to a notariusz and make a will. The Polish courts may not accept a handwritten version (as there is no way to prove who wrote it). Cost should be 100 pln. Not a lot - but peace of mind. Also if you inherit the holiday home make sure that you are the owner for at least 5 years counting from the end of the year in which you become the owner before you sell it. Otherwise you will pay 20% tax on the sale price.

Do a will in England and make sure that all properties and goods are included.
What you do not want after his death is to fight the Courts systems in Poland and the UK.
OP Mrs T 1 | 12
29 Sep 2017 #4
Thank you both for your sound advice. We are in England and it is a Polish notary who has advised us to make a handwritten will - I was surprised.

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