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Driving a Poland's registered car in the EU ?

auto2012 1 | -
28 Dec 2012 #1

I was wondering if there is such a law that limits the period of time in which a polish registered car can be driven in any other EU country. There is however no way to prove the time the car has been introduced to another EU country since there is no border control, so it would sound not possible to me.

I heard of some cases of poles living in another EU country (no Poland) driving a polish registered car which was "borrowed" from a relative. They avoid thus paying car taxes in that other EU country. Is this legal?
kcharlie 2 | 165
28 Dec 2012 #2
I think it might be six months in the UK. Check the legislation of the country you intend to stay in.

I don't think it would be difficult to get away with staying longer than six months without registering.
Ant63 13 | 407
29 Dec 2012 #3
Its not but bare in mind if you have an accident it will be very expensive as I doubt you will be insured. Think about other people and don't be selfish.

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