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Driving in Poland on Canadian/USA vehicle

3 Feb 2017 #1
Does anyone know what the process is when your vehicle arrives in Gdynia? Are there any technical inspections that need to take place in order to allow the vehicle on EU roads? We are bringing Jeep Grand Cherokee from Canada(with DRL) but I am unable to find any solid info on what happens when you show up at the port to pick your vehicle up.
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,032
3 Feb 2017 #2
From the top of my head.
You need orange indicators, anti fog back light and asymmetric headlights for an american car to drive on Polish roads.

About the process I have no idea :) Maybe speak with people when receiving the car.
OP digitalcelery
5 Feb 2017 #3
Where can all these modifications be done if vehicle arrives n Gdynia?
7 Feb 2017 #4
From my research I understand that you need to find a licensed technical in Poland to make the changes and to do the inspection.
I am also looking for more details on this topic as we will be bringing a car from Canada to Poland as well.
Arabian master
15 Feb 2017 #5
All the modifications cN be done at any cR inspection place mechanics and cost Round 500 to 1600 pln depending on the mechanic. I would use the car with Canadian plates for Lmost 2 years until they ask you to register in polNd.mind you that they give you permission to keep the car in Poland with Canadian plAtes for 6 moths only and h e to keep on renewing the permission every 6 months. Y writing a letter to Ujazd Celnia. When they give you last 6 months with notice go to Ukraine ( out of shengen) close file and reopen new one and are good for another 2/3 years:)
OP digitalcelery
16 Feb 2017 #6
The only problem is that while the vehicle isn't registered on Polish plates its uninsured?
16 Feb 2017 #7
I Know PZU offer 30 days insurance on the chassis number until it is registered in Poland.
Boom Boom
19 Feb 2017 #8
@OP,you can still get liability insurance from any carrier even with American or Canadian plates which is mandatory,but you cannot buy full coverage insurance.

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