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Dog Import laws in Poland - Help!

Stanislawa 1 | 3
24 Aug 2016 #1
Hello all, I am planning to pursue graduate study in Poland. I have 2 dogs, one is a Chihuahua the other is a Dogo Argentino.

It's my understanding that Dogos are not illegal to possess in Poland, however I have just come across a couple websites (NOT official govt. sites) that claim that Dogos (and several other breeds) cannot be brought into Poland!!

The official pet import form found on the Polish Embassy website does not list any breed restrictions, and the website states that

European Union regulations concerning the import of pets apply to Poland./Regulation EC No. 998/2003

I have read through the EU pet import regulations and have not found any breed restrictions there. It doesn't make sense for a breed restriction to NOT be listed on an import form or within the EU regs.

Since only the completed form is necessary, I imagine such a situation would lead to people finding out once they have already arrived in Poland with their pet.

When I considered graduate study in the Caribbean and checked their pet import regulations, banned breeds were listed at the top of the import form.

Please no negative comments on my choice of dog; I have been raised with dogs since birth and I am a very responsible owner with well-trained dogs. My Dogo is great with small dogs, cats, senior citizens, and loves children. I detest dog fighting, and I'm not a criminal element.

I cannot imagine moving without my boo!!

TLDR: Can I bring my beloved Dogo Argentino??
24 Aug 2016 #2
I have just come across a couple websites (NOT official govt. sites) that claim that Dogos (and several other breeds) cannot be brought into Poland!!

I found those too.

Unless I have misunderstood this, the only form that I found should be signed by a vet when completed, as it serves only as a veterinary certificate stating that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies etc, and is not an import form.

Regulation EC No. 998/2003

From what I have found from reading up on this regulation, it lays down the animal health requirements for the movement of non-commercial pet animals.

It is not concerned with laws on importation of certain breeds of dogs.
OP Stanislawa 1 | 3
24 Aug 2016 #3
The form to be completed by a veterinarian is what I was referring to as 'import form'; this is the only information listed on the Embassy website regarding import of pets, so I am pretty sure no other documents are required other than ones that support the form.

This site lists regulations on what is allowed/not allowed to enter Poland; these are the only requirements listed regarding pets:

pets need to be identifiable (tattoo or an electronic identification system), vaccinated against rabies and have a health certificate. For more information please refer to the nearest embassy.

Since I cannot find any official document that restricts certain breeds of dogs, I'm hoping the info spread by other websites is outdated.

I will give the Polish Embassy a call to find out for sure.
24 Aug 2016 #4
Official sites say pretty much the same thing for my country, the UK, I think that these requirements are probably standard across EU countries.
However, on the official UK government website, there is a list of banned dogs which you are not allowed to own in the UK, so someone trying to bring one into the country isn't going to get very far. Probably other EU countries have similar lists.

I will give the Polish Embassy a call to find out for sure.

I would, it's not worth the risk of getting to Poland only to find they won't allow entry for your dog.
Atch 16 | 3,272
24 Aug 2016 #5
Yes Chemikiem, but you know how embassies are not always that well informed!

On a related issue, I know that Aer Lingus will not carry the Dogo Argentino breed on their aircraft, as well as several other breeds. The reason given is the amount of damage the breed can do if it gets loose in the hold. So it would also be a good idea to check with the airline you're flying with to make sure they'll accept your dog.

I found a website that says specifically that Dogo Argentino cannot be imported in to Poland. The site has a team who answer queries so it might be useful to you. They seem very professional, they even have a section on Brexit so they're up to date with their info:

They also have a section on pet restrictions from various airlines:
24 Aug 2016 #6
I found a website that says specifically that Dogo Argentino cannot be imported in to Poland.

I looked at that one too Atch, and I'm guessing that one or similar sites are what the OP was referring to in her first post when she said she had looked at non-official govt sites. That breed of dog is banned in the UK too, although there was nothing about it on UK customs websites, I found that on the gov.UK, controlling your dog in public website!

To be honest I hadn't even considered that airlines might not carry specific dog breeds, so something else to consider for the OP!
OP Stanislawa 1 | 3
24 Aug 2016 #7
I'm very aware that some airlines do not allow Dogos - I've done extensive research regarding my travel and stay, which is why I was surprised about the information listed on the non-governmental website.

I have just called the Consulate in L.A. and the woman on the phone told me that all of the necessary information and restrictions regarding traveling with a pet to Poland is found on their website. If there are breed restrictions she said they would be found on their website.

To compare I looked up the information from other EU countries (UK and Germany) and it was easy to find official documentation of breed-specific legislation. UK outright bans entry, while Germany has 2 categories of 'dangerous dogs'; Dogos fall into the second category and are allowed entry provided they pass a temperament test. Interestingly, there are no restrictions on breed in Germany if the stay is less than 4 weeks.

I am going to contact someone from the pettravel website to ask them where they have found this information, and I will also call a lawyer or govt. official within Poland.
Atch 16 | 3,272
24 Aug 2016 #8
where they have found this information

Yes I was wondering about that. That's a good idea.

govt. official within Poland.

Best place to try would be here:

They deal with regulations regarding import of animals/pets into Poland.
OP Stanislawa 1 | 3
25 Aug 2016 #9
Thank you Atch and Chemikiem for your help! :)

I called the pettravel company, the man I spoke to did not know where the info specifically came from since he didn't write it, but he gave me the email address of the company president and said that she will know.

He mentioned that they usually get their info from the US Dept. of Agriculture website.

I checked the USDA website for pet entry requirements to Poland; no breed restrictions there.
The entry requirements to the UK did mention the Dangerous Dog Act prohibitions.

Thank you for the link! After I examine all documents there I will send an email, surely they will know.

If all else fails, I will directly ask customs when I go to visit the school in January. I will only bring my chihuahua on that trip ( she is the one that can be mean, not my Dogo; many of the nastiest dogs I've worked with are chihuahuas!)

I will make an update when I have a definitive answer, thanks again!
RaquelFF - | 1
26 Dec 2018 #10
Hello I must go soon to Poland to work and I want to take my pitbull Maria Quiteria, I also did not find restriction for breeds. Is there an official website?

Thanks and Regards,

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