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Dependent visa or Schengen visa? - Poland

23 Feb 2019 #1
Hi friends,

I'm Quasar and I have recently got my type A - work permit to work for as an analyst at an investment bank in Wroclaw. My national work visa appointment with the Polish consulate is on 11th March, 2019.

My spouse has done her Masters in Business Administration and is currently working as an IT strategist in India. She is pursuing her CFA(Chartered Financial Analyst) level I and also intends to apply for finance/tech jobs in Wroclaw. She would like to join me in Wroclaw during vacations or sabbatical leaves. Is it wise, that she applies for a National dependent visa? Or should she rather apply for a Schengen visa, as she is currently working in India. Can the VISA officer question her, since she will not stay at a stretch for one year?

Shitonya Brits
23 Feb 2019 #2
So what's the story with your wife Quasar?

She's working in India but wants to work in Wroclaw but only during vacations when visiting you?

That sounds sketchy.

I guess you charge her rent when staying with you and she has to pay for her own flight and meals.
OP quasarc
24 Feb 2019 #3
@Shitonya, Oh no! She's working in India, but wants to find a job in Wroclaw. Currently, because she's on the job in India, she cannot stay with me for long term.

Would the VISA officer be okay, if we apply for a dependent visa for her, since she's not going to be able to stay at a stretch with me, until she finds a job locally. We are both planning to learn one European language - either German or Polish.
Indian_Poland 1 | 6
31 May 2019 #4

Dependent Visa

Can we convert Dependent Visa to Work Visa in Poland itself, when we get a WP? Or do we have to come back to INDIA and convert it?
Swati - | 6
3 Jul 2019 #5
Is the confirmation mail received from econsulate digitally signed? I got an appointment from an agent and though its from ekonsulat I cant find the digital signature.

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