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Confirmation of Polish citizenship of my mother (born in Poland)

Zak 3 | 5
7 Jul 2015 #1
My case is very straight forward my mother was born in Poland, 1979, and we obviously have all her records(She might have a valid passport). most of my family is still in Poland and we keep in contact so i have an address for someone who lives in Poland, my grandmother can translate the legal stuff since I can't understand that complex Polish, and I have the New York consulate nearby. Do you think we could do it ourselves? How hard will this be? Also I'm 15 idk if that maters...
terri 1 | 1,664
7 Jul 2015 #2
Go to the consulate and ask. If they do require translations, (which they may do for all the non-Polish documents) this needs to be done by a sworn Polish translator. You need to get a form and complete it and provide evidence.As you are a minor, this may be a problem, but you need to ask.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
7 Jul 2015 #3
Do you have her old Polish passport? In this case, it's a simple renewal that she has to do, and it should be a formality.
OP Zak 3 | 5
7 Jul 2015 #4
Delphianedomine the person who changed my tittle made it wrong, I was asking how hard it would be for me to get my citizenship recognized without a lawyer
Pol attorney
13 Jul 2015 #5
As a lawyer, I can tell you that it might be difficult for you to get a Polish passport without having some of these docs translated by a Polish certified/sworn translator. Such a translation is obligatory in Poland and the records/documents can't be translated just by anyone who speaks Polish. This is basically an administrative process and in some cases it can be done without a lawyer. However, in case of legal problems/appeals, etc., you might need a lawyer :) I can help with this: contact:
22 Mar 2017 #6

Confirmation of Polish citizenship

Hi everyone. I'm starting to gather the paper for applying for confirmation of Polish citizenship but I have a question. My mum who is Polish and my dad who is Norwegian got married in Poland and I have their marriage certificate in Polish but my dad passed away in 2015. Do I have to get his death certificate translated from Norwegian to Polish? Or is my dad's death certificate not necessary?
22 Mar 2017 #7
is my dad's death certificate not necessary?

I can't see why it would be needed, your Polish citizenship is based on the fact your mother was a Polish citizen when you were born, nothing to do with your father at all.

BTW, have you cleared up that confusion about whether you can have dual nationality?
22 Mar 2017 #8
Harry: Thank you for your answer. Then I only have two documents that I need to get translate. Yes I did. I called immigration and the guy I talked to told me that if I'm born into a citizenship I can have both. Now I just need to confirm the citizenship and get a Polish passport.
Iza22 4 | 13
13 May 2017 #9

How to confirm citizenship for Polish Mother?

Hey all.
So my mum was born in Poland in 1956 to Polish parents, married my Polish dad in Poland in 1985, and then they both immigrated to Australia in 1987. She would return to Poland every few years but hasn't since 2006.

How would I go about confirming her Polish Citizenship? She has a PESEL Number, her old Dowód Osobisty (which is no longer valid), her marriage and Divorce certificate (divorced in Poland in 1996), Birth certificate, an old expired Polish passport, and is Zameldowana in Poland.

From what I can search online, it seems easier to confirm my citizenship than it does her's even if I've never lived in Poland (as all I will need to do is attach her documents to mine, fill in a form and get my my dad's birth certificate - not have to go through archives looking for ancient documents that may have been destroyed). Renewing the passport is not an option as it expired in 2001 (she has held a Polish passport after this one but we haven't got it). I will be doing the confirmation for her in Poland myself, and my own at the same time.

Basically my question is: Are the documents she has enough to base her citizenship on, or will I need to source my grandparents' documents?
Any advice appreciated!

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