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US company want to open a branch office in Poland

rmitra 1 | 1
7 Jul 2012 #1

I am co-founder of a US based startup company with office in silicon valley. I am interested to open a branch office of my company in Poland or alternatively can register a limited polish company. We want to hire some polish developers and perhaps also do some business here. After reading through post and websites, I am bit confused with all the information presented. Can anyone suggest the current situation? Also is it easier to open a branch or register a new company?
PierogiBoy - | 5
8 Jul 2012 #2
Nothing is easy in Poland if you can't speak polish. Which do you prefer - a branch or a new company? Once you know, I can't give you all the details, from start to end.
OP rmitra 1 | 1
11 Jul 2012 #3
Thanks! Well I can open either a branch or new company, whichever is easier. We also want to hire people so does it makes it easier to hire/fire people if its a branch? Also which option is easier if we want to close the company? If both the options are equally complex, then perhaps I will choose to open a company.
jagusia - | 1
1 Aug 2012 #4
Quick question for you -- I am moving back to Poland next year, keeping my current job (just telecommuting from Poland). Did you happen to come across any information about whether the employer needs to take any extra steps with such an arrangement? I know I need to pay taxes (and that's fine), but does the EMPLOPYER need to do anything? An answer or referral to someone with an answer would be appreciated.

Regarding opening up an office in Poland, it depends on what it is to do. If it is purely marketing/advertising, then it's more straightforward (and you pay no taxes or such). If you are actually operating/selling, then it's more complicated. But the government (and especially various city offices) are trying to make it easy, and many people there speak at least some English. Contact the business office for the city in which you are interested -- they can be very helpful.

golas - | 21
3 Sep 2012 #5
Dear rmitra,

Did you register your company?

We have many clients form US. If you still needs help please do not hesitate to contact us.

+48 22 370 61 68


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