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Civil Marriage by a foreign student on a student visa in Poland?

kmyousafzai 1 | 2
9 Aug 2010 #1
Hi Guys !

Does International Student on student visa at poland, marry with Polish girl friend ...?


Does Visitor on visit visa at poland, marry with polish girl friend....?

Any one have knowledge please share with me,

time means 5 | 1,309
9 Aug 2010 #2
Great idea marry her and move to Poland you will love it.
9 Aug 2010 #3
You can not gain residency in the EU or a Polish passport if you marry in Poland on a student visa or a tourist visa. To gain residency you will need to return to your country and apply there. And your new wife will need to return to your home country too. Not that that would be any kind of a problem, you are after all marrying for love and not simply because you are too fcuking stupid to know how long it takes to get that EU passport so many people from your part of the world lust after.
OP kmyousafzai 1 | 2
24 Aug 2010 #4
Can I marry my polish girl friend on a visitor visa

Hi Reader

I am visitor visa on poland with my Polish Girl Friend. can i marry with polish girl in poland.

Amathyst 19 | 2,702
24 Aug 2010 #5
Your profile says you are in Hull, so if you need a visa to visit Poland it means you are an immigrant in England (i.e. not British), which means you're in a hurry to marry your Polish girlfriend because you want to stay in the UK..

Am I correct?
OP kmyousafzai 1 | 2
24 Aug 2010 #6
No i am on work permit and working in UK with company, but i have three option,take my Girl friend to my home country, or take to Uk or marry here in Poland, i am not hurry just

get to know about information , any way thanks for your reply
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
24 Aug 2010 #7
I take it's going to expire soon?

but i have three option,take my Girl friend to my home country

Where is that?

or take to Uk

You'll know then that you'll need permission off the HO to do so, You also have to have been living with the person you want to marry for a certain number of years...

or marry here in Poland

Why not ask your future wife?

am not hurry just
get to know about information

So that's why you keep asking "how long will it take"

Wow! you scared me you sound like immigration...hehehe

Not at all, just curious to know why he is so desperate to marry an EU national..

Oh, if only she was... :D

LOL..Can you imagine what England would look like?
skipping - | 1
21 Oct 2010 #8
Merged: STUDENT VS MARRIAGE - changing the resident permit from Poland?

Hello,please i would like to know if i should change the resident permit i obtain as a student to the one with marriage after getting married in other to be able to apply for permanent resident in 3yrs time or are they both the same.bardzo dziekuje
love_sunil80 14 | 127
4 Jan 2012 #9
You can change your Student visa status to Marriage status without any problems as far as you have visa validity after getting married minimum 45 days. cheers :)
BradAdler - | 1
26 Aug 2012 #10
Merged: I want to marry my Polish girlfriend. Schengen zone - how to stay in Poland legally?

Hi Everyone!

I am student from non EU country, i have gotten SHENGEN visa to study langauge course in Poland during 40 days. Now i am in Poland and here is my polish girl that is in love with me. So we want to marry. I want to stay here with her and I love Poland, but after a week my visa will be expired. Can you please let me know how to make me stay here leggally? I mean we will marry after two days, and will i be getting permanent residence immediately? or?

Looker - | 1,139
5 Nov 2014 #11
In your situation you should apply first for a residence permit with reference to the intention of marriage.

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