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Polish citizen raised in Cyprus, GF from Belarus. Would she become an EU citizen after marriage? Poland study.

martinviti 1 | -
11 Mar 2013 #1
Dear Forumers i read quite a few Threads in the marriage section but none answered my question...

Here is the situation, it is a bit complicated so i hope that i explain it properly.
I have a Polish passport because my father is Polish but i was raised by my mother in Cyprus. A little over an year ago i met my Girlfriend who is officially from Belarus, we fell in love and we decided that we have to be together. We are both about to finish our Bachelor studies this year and we want to do a Masters degree straight away in Netherlands but here is the problem: I as a EU citizen am required to pay a tuition fee of about €1.500 per year and she as a NON EU citizen, has to pay €15.000 approx which is way too much and that stands on our way of studying together and being together in general since we both are young and not as rich. Considering that issue i got the idea of signing a marriage contract with her hoping that it would give her the same rights as me and she will be able to study with the same fees as me, problem is that i don't know for sure if this is how it works and how long will it take for such documents to be ready and so on. I am a bit confused and this is really important to us, if any one here has any information i will be extremely thankful if you can share is since i did a lot of research but did not learn anything.

Thank you all in advance :)
Monitor 13 | 1816
11 Mar 2013 #2
After marriage with you she doesn't become automatically EU citizen, but she gets unlimited permit to stay in Poland. After few (5?) years living in the Poland she can apply for Polish citizenship. And then she is automatically EU citizen and has same as you rights in Netherlands. Until then marriage lets her study cheap only in Poland I am afraid.

Alternatively perhaps you could get Cypriot passport since you were raised there. Then you could live together in 1 more EU country.

Hmm according to the link i gave you above you're in better situation. It seams that as long as you study/work in Netherlands your not EU spouse is treated as EU, so should pay EU fees:

"Equal treatment

During their stay, you should be treated as nationals of the country, notably as regards access to employment, pay, benefits facilitating access to work, enrollment in schools etc."
1 Apr 2016 #3
Pls aw where u able to get ur polish visa from Cyprus. ..since no Polish embassy in north cyprus
Looker - | 1130
1 Apr 2016 #4
The only Polish embassy is in Nicosia. This is an info from Poland's Foreign Ministry site:

Poland, like other EU countries do not maintain diplomatic relations with the so called Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Samgujjar - | 1
15 Jun 2016 #5
Hello Guys plz need little advice.
I m polish live in Poland but my boyfriend is non-eu and he live in belarus any advice please how i can bring him in poland? I even dont know how to get marriage in belarus and where to go so please if anyone can advice me will be great. Thanks

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