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Child maintenance payment Ireland Poland, dad hiding.

18 Jul 2017 #1
I am a Polish woman who had brief relationship with Irish man who got me pregnant. After two years he left me completely. He return to Ireland I think. He not pay his maintenance for our daughter. he also not communicate anymore with me. I go to central authority to claim maintenance and they send summons to him but we are not very sure of his address and summons in registered letter had to be signed for or it is not valid. He not sign for this, just no answer at house. I write this hoping someone with knowledge of Irish law situation can advise me on what to do. Also he only work for cash in Ireland and is not paying tax or getting welfare, is it worth going after him? Can he be forced back to Poland for court? He is very bad man. I've heard he also travels to Poland again to meet other woman can i get him here? I want to see him rot in jail.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,770
18 Jul 2017 #2
Irish man who got me pregnant.

well you were there too i suppose..

I want to see him rot in jail.

bit vindictive ?
johnny reb 24 | 4,293
18 Jul 2017 #3
Could be the reason he bolted.
I don't condone such a situation but I certainly understand it.
Self preservation.
Agnieszka112 - | 6
19 Jul 2017 #4
I am now full member of this forum but not happy. I post in law section looking for help but I only get is sympathy for Irish b*****d. He has plenty money and a house, he should not get away with this.
jon357 63 | 15,068
19 Jul 2017 #5
Irish b*****d.

Looks like he was right to get away.

For maintainance issues, you need a family law solicitor, though doubtless you have tried to browbeat at least one already.
Agnieszka112 - | 6
20 Jul 2017 #6
it is hard to find nice good lawyer who also know Irish law. Polish lawyer said is not crime in Ireland to not pay me so he can not be arrested and sent back here, would like to know if Irish lawyer thinks this to. Is it possible to get him at airport when presenting passport? I welcome more HELPFUL suggestion.
jon357 63 | 15,068
20 Jul 2017 #7
A Polish lawyer isn't the best idea here. In Ireland, someone can be jailed for not paying child support. This might be useful for you:
Agnieszka112 - | 6
20 Jul 2017 #8
@jon357 Yes this I know, if court tells him to pay and he won't pay he can then go to jail. But first he must go to a court before I can get him in jail, this is my issue to get him to a court first. Lawyer said I must use Polish courts as child lives here but civil not criminal offence in Ireland so lawyer says not possible to force him back to attend. Lawyer said even if he go to court and I win and he still not pay, I need to go back to court again before he can go to jail. Lawyer thinks it is not possible to get money from him for many reasons and told me to forget about case as it is waste of my time and trouble for me.

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