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Child Alimony in Poland - 1700 PLN?

jon357 63 | 14,282
24 Sep 2012 #61
Anyway I don't really give a sh1t.

So why post?
sobieski 107 | 2,128
24 Sep 2012 #62
I thought this thread was about somebody who reared a child with a woman and pretends it did not happen. Now (from what I gather) he will marry another woman (and since he invites the whole pf to the wedding, he must have a very poor social life). And then chickens out of his obligation to support his child in a decent way.

And as Delph pointed out, decent childcare costs. They should bleed him dry.
RevokeNice 15 | 1,859
24 Sep 2012 #63
Honestly the bugger is lucky

Very true. Hes a Rwandan 'fugee!

1700 is far tooooooo high

Its 13 euro a day.I spend that on magazines and papers.
MoOli 9 | 484
24 Sep 2012 #64
[quote=RevokeNice]Its 13 euro a day.I spend that on magazines and papers[/quoteDude you read too much! try getting a kindle:)
Wulkan - | 3,251
24 Sep 2012 #65
dump her and run

Yes! let him be a stereotypical black man
Avalon 4 | 1,068
24 Sep 2012 #66
avalon , its not a case of revoking its a case of whether britain wants to actually opt in, to this particular part of the treaty

They have been using this treaty since 2003, do you think that they are going to opt out now and say sorry to the people they extradited?, perhaps compensate them?

The "simplified procedure" in the UK Extradition Act 2003 gives force to the EAW (UK: Extradition Act). A Statutory Instrument laid before Parliament on the 15 December 2003 designates the UK's EAW partners as "schedule 1 countries" under this Act (UK: Statutory Instrument) and a guide to the UK's operation of the EAW rules has been produced for the other EU member states (Council document 15585/03). Those member states that are not yet applying the EAW will continue to use existing EU extradition rules.

The UK is among 12 of the 15 member states to allow for retrospective application of the EAW. These countries will accept and act upon EAWs received after 1 January 2004 even in the alleged offence took place before that date. France, Austria and Italy will continue to use existing extradition rules for offences allegedly committed before 1 January 2004.

Figures released recently by the Home Office in reply to a question by the Labour MP Caroline Flint show that out of 699 individuals "surrendered" by the UK to other EU states under EAWs, nearly two-thirds (425) were sent to Poland. Other east European states also had large numbers: Lithuania 55, the Czech Republic 34 and Romania 18.

There appears to be a legal standoff between the commission and member states about who should introduce a threshold allowing only serious crimes to be pursued through EAWs. The EC is reluctant to redraft its regulations because it fears opening up a Pandora's box of competing reforms.

The UK is one of the countries criticised for not making changes to its domestic legislation. Fair Trials International has called for legislative change in Brussels incorporating a threshold test in the warrant so that it could not be used for minior offences.

the fact that anyone can be deported to poland , (when in the same circumstances they would no way be sought for extradiction by the uk -for example , on matters of child maintenance/ ) , just because a polish court decrees it - is absurd.

Good luck with telling the Polish judges that they are absurd.
kj99 8 | 54
16 Oct 2012 #67
been reading the papers avalon ? -

yesterdays guardian tagline ... "Opting out of EU policing would be Tory Euroscepticism gone mad
Theresa May wants to abolish the European arrest warrant – an ostentatious gesture of EU hostility that would do much harm"

i think the guardian has got it wrong , and perhaps by your last post ,,, so have you - re"They have been using this treaty since 2003, do you think that they are going to opt out now and say sorry to the people they extradited?, perhaps compensate them?"

reading countless stories of poor brits/ poles being extradited to bloody poland on euro warrents - yesterdays annoucement by the uk goverment is way overdue.
Avalon 4 | 1,068
16 Oct 2012 #68
I read newspapers, not the Guardian.

I totally agree with you that extradition is ridiculous for trivial offenses, but as you will see from recent cases, the Police being sued for the Hillborough disaster, the Tchenguiz brothers who are suing the SFO for 100 million, it could open a can of worms if the UK government ( or the ECHR) now decide that past deportations were unfair You have seen evidence of how the British and European judges have ruled before.
Ant63 11 | 403
16 Oct 2012 #69
There is something not right with this Polish system.

A couple of months ago I was in Northampton Magistrates Court, applying for a Prohibitive Steps order, which was complicated and had to be looked over by the court solicitor. While we were waiting, 4 Poles passed through, one to pay a ticket and 3 with applications to vary their child maintenance payments. Interested, I asked the clerk a few questions and was told the courts were very busy with this currently as many Poles had lost their jobs, or in some cases were paying 90% of there income and there was no possible way of them paying what was demanded of them. The clerk went on to say the Polish courts never varied the orders so it was a fruitless exercise for them.
16 Oct 2012 #70
As I've said before Polish courts tend not to care in the slightest what other courts say and they are completely used to people claiming that they are paying 90% of their income in child support and alimony. I know of a case where when assessing how much child support a father should pay the court accepted as accurate an income statement from him which said that he was earning less than he paid out in child support (despite living alone and having a house to pay for).
Ant63 11 | 403
16 Oct 2012 #71
Yes but there are two sides to the coin. I have no idea what evidence they need to produce but unlike Poland it's not acceptable to lie to a court. Judging by the characters I saw, they didn't have two halfpennies to rub together so to be in their shoes, if they were skint, would not be a pleasant place to be. Can't go home because it's off to prison and can't work legally here for a proper wage because they couldn't live on what there left with. Lets not forget, a lot of these guys have probably been dropped right in it by a former partner. They most likely had momma to pick up the pieces back home, where as the guy had nothing to go back for.

And I know of a case where a father used his mother debts to secure lower alimony payments claiming they were his. Nothing was checked by the Polish court even though the previous court had branded him a liar.

Its all crap really
Mgabhi - | 1
28 Aug 2015 #72
Guys, you need to be careful before having a child in Poland because the law in Poland requires you to pay maintenance or alimony until the child finishes her PhD. The parents are required to continue supporting (paying maintenance) the child cannot sustain herself/himself i.e. as long as the child doesn't have employment. And with the situation in Europe where unemployment is scarce you'll support your child for a long period even into her early 30s.

The children in Poland have taken the advantage of this system and its stupid law such that they don't look for any jobs (even not-so-paying jobs) anymore, but claim they cant find anything in their profession.

Men out there, be careful with Polish women, they will suck your money for more than 30 years and they have their children to do that.
aBBey5 - | 7
28 Aug 2015 #73
hi Friends and expats working in Poland.
I also need reach on right salary to ask. :)
I have 13 yr exp in Technology Recruitment and (MBA in IT) and I am in discussion with Alexander..( large recruitment firm) with office at Krakow at Poland. for post of

Tean leader client services., They have asked me to tell my salary expectations. I am married and have 1 - 8 yr daughter reading in 3rd class of icse board.

I read this forum and few more sites and understood that
Household exps- 500pln
Outing ( 2 movie, 2 diner, beer on weekend) 1100-1400
education- 1000 one time+13000 ( around 1100 Month) of ISK school.
RENT - 2 BHK , 3000-6000 pln
so Total comes 500+1300+1100+3500( rent inculding utility)= 7000 aprox, is needed to live good life.
Here in India I make 1 lacs rs month( 5666 PLN ) and my Exps like house, food, car= 3000 PLN, SO i save 2500 pln.
NOW i checked online and found average salary in HR with 7-10 yrs is 8-9000PLN.
BUT i dont have a job right now and searching a new job. How much salary i shall ask for So I shall save atleast 4000 pln pm.

as If i ask only 10,000 PLN, tax and deductions ( 18% on 85500 and 32% on 35000- comes to 26500, 1,20,000-26500=93500/12= 7791 pln take home - INS, employer deduction. so in hand 7000.

I am planning to ASK FOR 10K post tax and deductions. may be PM 14k. pln.
How many of you esp expat thinks I am reasonable with my expectaions
DOES CO PROVIDE Company lease for your advance rent desposit( is there any trend)

Please susggest, which is area , easy to commut and have modern facilty flats with less crowd, bigger better streets and friendly neighbours, and what shall i expect a rent of nice furnish flat in that area.

PLease suggest and correct me.
28 Aug 2015 #74
education- 1000 one time+13000 ( around 1100 Month) of ISK school.

That's EUR 13,000 per year, i.e. about PLN 4,500 per month.

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