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Changing student status to worker in Poland - possible problems and solutions

24 Jul 2013 #1
Hi everybody, I decıded to work and resıgn from studıes. I have karta pobytu whıch ıs valıd untıl next year. I am workıng wıthout permıt because I am a student. But I wıll lkeave studıes and I ll stay as a worker ın Poland. Fırm wıll take work permıt and they wanted me to apply for new resıdence card. Do I would have a problem ın thıs sıtutatıon? Can I change my status wıthout problem?
25 Jul 2013 #2
Hi! First of all, where are you from? If from the UE (which I doubt) you have the right to work in Poland but if you are from outside the UE, you need to find an employer who can prove to the authorities that they cannot find anybody in Poland (Poles and foreign legal residents) to do said job so in other words, just forget it. Working illegally is a stupid thing to do since if you are caught, you'll be deported from Poland and forbidden from UE.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
25 Jul 2013 #3
you need to find an employer

Why have you changed your username?

Anyway -

Fırm wıll take work permıt

Which means he'll have no problems.

It is remarkably easy in Poland to obtain work permits.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
25 Jul 2013 #4
He is Turkish. I guess it because he uses dot-less "i" character: "ı"
jon357 71 | 20,799
25 Jul 2013 #5
If the company require it and can say that they've advertised and not found anybody suitable who already has the right to work in PL (basically an EU citizen) they will get the work permit.
OP BlockeeR09
27 Jul 2013 #6
Thanks for your answers. I m outside from EU(from country which is a candidate of EU). Actually I m a bit worried about this. If the company takes the work permit I think it wont be any problem. Believe me there is not a lot of people who can work instead of me at my work position. Actually I m planning to contunie to my studies but only "niestacjonarne"(evening education). 2 days ago I applied for new residence card for working. They said that in addition I need a work permit if I want to get the residence card. We ll see what will happen.
QTL - | 3
23 Dec 2015 #7
Merged: Asian student working without RESIDENCE CARD (karta pobytu) in Poland, is that possible?

Hi guys,
I am a full time master student in Warsaw. My company is offering me a paid part-time job. However, I will not receive my residence card (karta pobytu) until March (I applied in December). Is that possible and legal for me to work on a part-time basis? I see some of my friends still work part-time without residence card but I am not sure if it is legal.

Is there any other way for me to work like that?
Thank you so much!
Wroclaw1010 3 | 91
24 Dec 2015 #8
Is that possible and legal for me to work on a part-time basis?

Yes When I was studying here there was a Ukrainian girl who prefered going home to take the yearly visa than to go through the hustle of getting the residence permit. She was working here, she still does, without any legal problems. If you have D type visa(with student status) then you're allowed to work without work permit.
QTL - | 3
25 Dec 2015 #9
Thank you, but Im from Asia. Students from Ukraine, Belarus can work without additional documents but I'm not sure if Asians can. I read the old Labor Code, it said we can only work without work permit in July, Aug and Sep. But the new code from 2015 says we can work whole year. But today I called the Foreigners Department in Warsaw and they said I can't work, even it's unpaid internship.

I am really confused now :(
25 Dec 2015 #10
Hello guys, can you provide me details about studying and working in poland for int'l students? Iam a barista so can I find a part time job to cover my tution fees and living expenses in Poland? Waiting for an answer, will be much obliged! :)

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