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Certificate of no impediment - Single Status - UK Getting Married in Poland

sumodaz 1 | -
31 Mar 2011 #1

I live in the UK and will be getting married to my polish girlfriend in Poland in August. Ive been asked by the polish registery office to provide the usual documents along with my certificate of no impediment, which ive now applied for.

The Polish registary office made it very clear that in the Condition column it needs to state 'Bachelor' rather than the word 'Single'. Having informed the UK registary office of this they say that there is no way it can be changed to say 'Bachelor' as this word is no longer used (as of 2 years ago) and that Single, Divorced or Windowed is the new way to describe your condition.

So im at a stale mate now. The UK Registery office wont change the condition to 'Bachelor' and the Polish Registery office will not marry us unless it says 'Bachelor'.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Help would be appreciated.

skibum 8 | 62
31 Mar 2011 #2
My certificate supplied in July 2009 said 'Single' and it was accepted no problem by the registry office in Krakow.

You will have to get an official translation made of the document, if you're still worried mention it to the translator and he/she may translate 'single' as 'bachelor' for you.
wildrover 98 | 4,441
31 Mar 2011 #3
The Polish registry office are just being bloody minded.....threaten then with an lawyer....

I wish you all the best in your marriage...i am just about to go through the same process , but in Russia....
31 Mar 2011 #4
You will have to get an official translation made of the document

That's the point here. They shouldn't be accepting untranslated English documents. Sworn translator will have no problem resolving this.

Yet another case of urzędnicy on crack.
al111 13 | 89
31 Mar 2011 #5
So im at a stale mate now

It might sound like that mate, but when u get around it you'll discover it was nothing but just a bagatelle. Every USC office in this country is becoming too bureaucratic, i can imagine if you were to get married in another city or town u will find that they will not even bother you with that. It's the interpretation that is quite different with the people who work in these offices and unfortunately sometimes you can't get past them. When we got married the so called szef in the USC office had even suggested that in the letter of no impediment a statement saying that i had been given permission to get married to my fiancee (Her full name included) should be written. You can imagine what i went through. There is no country in this world which can tell the other how to compose its official documents. Lucky enough we got a well known translator who could play around with the wording and alas the USC szef softened his stance towards us he became very friendly and did everything for us in a very courteous manner. Just ask your fiancee to look around for translators who have dealt with letters of no impediment. Good luck to you both.
comberti - | 4
24 Jan 2013 #6
Merged:Affidavit of single status or Cer­tifi­cate of No Impediment - Indian marrying Polish girl

Hello Guys

I like to request info for Affidavit of single status or Cer­tifi­cate of No Impediment for Indian citizen who wants to get marry in Poland with his girlfriend.

Or any other way or other documents possible. Indian Embassy simply don't provide such document.

Forfour44 9 | 94
24 Jan 2013 #7
Hey. You need to get you CNI from your local town hall. Prob back in India.
You have to tell them you are living in India and not Poland at the time of you interview. They list your name for 21 days for other people to see and object to the wedding if they want. Then they send it out to your local address. It is only valid in Poland for 6 months.

You also need your birth cert and christening cert too.

You will need a trip back to India before you can get married. You can not get it in Poland for some reason.
MoOli 9 | 480
24 Jan 2013 #8
I like to request info for Affidavit of single status or Cer­tifi­cate of No Impediment for Indian citizen who wants to get marry in Poland with his girlfriend.

Buddy wont that be easy you go to India with your bride get married the exotic way get the certificate come to Poland and get it translated and registered and if you want wed again Polish style?...just an idea if the marriage is not a sham or a path to stay in EU?
comberti - | 4
25 Jan 2013 #9
@Forfour44: Thanks for your reply. In India we dont have or we dont get anything like certificate like Cer­tifi­cate of No Impediment. I live here in Germany. I have Birth Certificate. I am hindu. will you please provide me more detailed info if you have. thanks

@MoOli buddy It will be pleasure on my side If I marry in India. but My Girlfriend wants to get marry here in Poland more traditional way. In church or town hall whiever possible. After that we will have same ceremony in India too ;)
Forfour44 9 | 94
26 Jan 2013 #10
That is a tricky one. I'm not sure if you can get on in Germany. Could be worth a try. Go to your local town hall and ask.

I have a very close friend from India who had to get something from the town hall to say he has never been married before. As he married a Polish woman in India.

The Polish woman needed CNI too from Poland. His was called something different.

If you cant get them. Then the only way is to marry in India, Vegas or somewhere else first. Not tell any family and get married again in Poland asap after. As she has 28 days to change her documents in Poland or she will be fined.
loving_lodz - | 1
13 Feb 2013 #11
Merged: Poland certificate of no impediment - is it necessary?

is this certificate necessary? or is it enough for my embassy to write on a paper that they have no objection to my marrying a polish national in Poland and stamping it? I don't want to waste time going to court. Apparently takes months. My embassy doesn't issue this particular certificate but upon my insistence one of the consular dudes decided that this is the best he can give me. Will it be enough? I can also probably get them to say that I am currently single and never been married previously.

help would be appreciated
Forfour44 9 | 94
13 Feb 2013 #12
Depends on where you are from.
In the UK. You have to go to the UK and get it. A local town hall, have an interview and wait 21 days. After 21 days they send it to you.

You can not get it from an embassy. As the church will not accept it. (Local town hall might marry you)
13 Feb 2013 #13
I wonder if any studies have been done to try and determine how much adultery these certification requirements have caused, rather than thwarted.
Raj_ryder 10 | 106
13 Feb 2013 #14
doesn't answer the question though.
Rysavy 10 | 307
13 Feb 2013 #15
Something like it is required for USCIS as well.. both parties have to provide documentation they are free to marry to use fiance' Visa.
Simply getting married if both people are present is a trip to Vegas and some legal ID documents. ^_^ Though you still have to make sure you get all required paperwork done for your spouse to avoid deportation (how awkward would THAT be).

Though in my case, my home parish already did the legwork and provided me ability to marry in church.

I think that this came up a few months ago ans that trhead has the info you need,, it was maybe October? In Marriage and Relationship section. Pretty sure.
tabrett 2 | 26
30 Jan 2014 #16
Merged:What has to be written where it says ' place of marriage ' on a certificate of no impediment?

Hi, I am getting married in Poland this year. I am going to get my CONI in England next week and they have told me that I need to ask the people in Poland what has to be written in "Place of marriage". They said that it's Poland's decision whether it be for example the town "Stary Targ" or the actual address of the church. Has anyone had any experience of this? I am going there later today to ask them, but just in case they are not sure exactly, I thought I'd ask here. Also, if someone does have experience of this, was just telling them in England enough? Or did you need some kind of document to prove that Poland said this is what they want on the CONI? Thanks
smurf 39 | 1,971
30 Jan 2014 #17
Telling should be enough.
The address should be the address of the least it was for me, best thing to do is ask the priest who is marrying you.
chesnakas 1 | 22
11 Feb 2015 #18
I got married in Poland but at the time was living in Holland, the certificate of no impediment I had to go to the British Consulate in Amsterdam and hand write a declaration that I am not married and never have been, which was witnessed by a consular worker and sent off the Polish Ministry of Interior. My marriage was approved and the documents sent to the local Urzad Gminy, a couple of days before my wedding the Urzad Gminy called me and told me they cannot let me get married as I cannot declare myself that I'm not married it has to come from some official institute, which one the couldn't tell me.

After taking the name of the Civil Servant and calling the British Consulate who called the Town Hall the situation was made clear and the person who called me apologized and told me the information came from the Urzad Wojewodzkie. Where are you getting your certificate of no impediment?
ruba1985 - | 4
1 Mar 2016 #19
I'm having my own personal nightmare with this as the local registry office hasn't got a clue what they want... If they don't know then how the he'll am I supposed too!

Does anybody have details for legally translating documents and time limits on these once they've been translated. According to website I need passport, CIN and birth certificate. Do all 3 documents need translating?

Pol attorney 2 | 106
1 Mar 2016 #20
As far as translations are concerned, in most cases these documents should be translated by a Polish sworn translator and this will suffice.

But what time limits are you referring to?

Registry office should explain to you which documents are necessary...
ruba1985 - | 4
2 Mar 2016 #21
But what time limits are you referring to?

Time limits on documents once they have been translated/legalised.

I have no idea about translator credentials to check if they are capable of completing the translation and that then being satisfactory.

Asik522 - | 1
4 Mar 2016 #22
ruba1985 - Kliknij na strone then find the closest town/city in Poland to place where you're getting married and find translator for jezyk angielski :)

The translator must be a sworn translator and will definitely be able to undertake the task.

My fiance is British, doesn't understand Polish enough to sign documents in Polish, so we are also employing him to translate during the meeting in USC (Polish registration office) while signing legal documents. We are going to get my fiance's documents translated just before we meet in the USC and unfortunately I don't know if there's a time limit on translations.

As far as I know we only need to translate Birth Certificate and Certificate of No Impediment. I think passport is fairly obvious and I'd be very surprised if they asked to have it also translated.. Ask your fiance to give them a call and clarify everything.

Good luck! Especially with Polish red tape ;p
sak30 - | 2
18 May 2017 #23
Has anybody here been successful in getting a Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage from India? Kindly update. Thanks.
22 Mar 2019 #24

Details required on Certificate of No Impediment - getting married in Poland


I will be marrying my Polish fiancee near Zamosc, Poland in August this year. As part of the documentation I need to provide I know I need to obtain a Certificate of No Impediment. I'm due to go for my appointment at my local registry office on Monday in the UK to obtain this, but they have asked me to clarify:

a) Is it a 3 month or 6 month dated CNI
b) Is the address the church or registry office in Poland
c) Does the address need to be in full or can it simply be short form e.g Święty Stanisław z Krakowa, Poland

I've asked the church in Poland and the Polish consulate in UK but neither could tell me.


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