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Where to get certificate of family composition (gezinssamenstelling attest) in Poland?

bopprai 1 | -
7 May 2018 #1
hello there ..could some advice me from where i can get family composition certificate in poland ..i am a eu citizen who was living in poland (lodz ) from sept 2016 untill march 2018 with my mother ( she was living as a dependent of a eu citizen &holdig a residence card of a dependent of eu citizen ) when i am beck in my home state (belgium )& want to register my mother in belgium ..& belgian city council ask me to bring certificate of family composition (attest van gezinssamentelling) from poland where i lived with my mother in same house hold one seems no one in polish city council seems to know this paper ..thnx in advance bopprai
Alexbrz 3 | 78
8 May 2018 #2
What you need is a document stating who lived on your address. A quick round of google shows me that there is a very good chance you have to get it not from the Polish city council, but for some reason from the Belgian embassy in Poland.

Sounds a bit strange to me, but then again i've had more strangeness in Poland and we're practically neighbours (Nederland)

Actually, check document E401 from Polish gov.

On subscript 12 it states you get the proof of composition of your family from the Polish city council....

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