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Caught speeding - Do points go against PESEL in Poland?

MarkC 6 | 20
2 Aug 2019 #1

So yesterday I got caught speeding and got given a hefty fine of 500PLN and 10 points (at least that's what's written on the ticket).

I was in a rush and didn't really have time to argue the point and I do know I was speeding so I just accepted it, although, thinking about it now I wish I'd have had more time to discuss this with them.

Anyhow, they took my details, license, etc. I've got 7 days to pay the fine, however, the police officer said it's 10 points but for you that won't count as you have a U.K. license. All said and done he wrote the ticket, said slow down and I was on my way.

Now, I was thinking about changing my license to a polish one because of brexit and I really don't want the hassle after brexit should I happen to be stopped and they tell me I can no longer drive on my I'm license. Not looking at getting a driving permit either because that's senseless and I'd have to go to the U.K. to get it. Therefore, my question is as titled, are points linked to your PESEL. I've heard and read different opinions on this so I don't know what to believe. In addition, if they weren't linked to my PESEL would changing to a polish license then 'pick them up' so to speak?

Thanks guys.

Dougpol1 32 | 3,274
2 Aug 2019 #2
UK licence - no connection to PESEL or anything really, apart from the obvious DUI. As regarding a Polish licence, I was forced to change to that to rent a car in the UK, but don't do do unless forced to.

There are various reasons not to change. Your situation being just one.
terri 1 | 1,665
2 Aug 2019 #3
I would not change your UK licence to a Polish one unless you absolutely have to.
mafketis 24 | 8,717
2 Aug 2019 #4
Is it impossible (or inadvisable) to have both? (genuinely curious I have no desire to drive in Poland so I don't think much about drivers licenses...
OP MarkC 6 | 20
4 Aug 2019 #5
Thanks for the answers guys. However, not too sure it clears up my question. Are points linked to a PESEL?

As for changing the license I really don't want too. However, if points are linked to a person rather than their license then it really doesn't matter if I change to a polish driving license.

Secondly, I may have to change to a polish license. I don't know what's going to happen with brexit, and whilst I don't give that much of a damn of driving on a U.K. license in the EU when I no longer can (if I get caught they'll just tell me I can't drive on this license blah blah blah, give me some inconveniences and not let me drive home) from what I'm reading if there is a no deal brexit the rules may change and I'll no longer be able to drive on my license here without a permit. Firstly, I don't plan on going back to the U.K. for a permit, as you can only receive them via the post office. Also, I read that in the event of a no deal brexit after the cut off date the possibility of exchanging your license will no longer be in place.

Dougpol1 32 | 3,274
4 Aug 2019 #6
First of all, I doubt very much that Brexit is going to happen at all. Even if there were No Deal, UK licences would be respected here. If they weren't, you'd simply have tit for tat and many hundreds of thousands of Poles would have the same problem.

As for the PESEL thing, why worry? Points on your license? Poles collect points like green shield stamps, and nobody cares here, even the insurer. The car is insured, not the driver - ridiculous though that be.
delphiandomine 85 | 18,254
4 Aug 2019 #7
Are points linked to a PESEL?

Yes. You can check your driving record online -

If you don't have a PESEL, then they create a 'ghost' record for you which contains the points. As does Germany, incidentally.

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