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Cash register till 20.000 zł - online webshop in Poland?

30 Dec 2013 #1
Hello all,

I am planning to open an online webshop in Poland and I have heard it is required to have a cash register when you
sell more then 20.000 on yearly base. I will in the first year just not reach that and in that case I like to know how I

have to proof my sales to the tax office? Is there any way how I need to proof in Poland how much sales I made?

I hope someone can tell me the answer.

InWroclaw 89 | 1,911
30 Dec 2013 #2
I think you still have to issue receipts and presumably they are used to demonstrate your income.

When people go to fruit and veg markets, however, I don't think the stallholders always issue receipts. I can't remember for sure, but probably some did and some didn't.
jon357 74 | 21,953
30 Dec 2013 #3
The fruit and veg guys have a special arrangement about it. One of several they have.

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