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Car insurance cost for old used car in Poland (OC)

21 Apr 2015 #1
I am 22 years old and i have a driving license since i was 18 , i found out that used cars in Poland are suspiciously cheap , as i have found a 1996 skoda that costs only 1500 zloty and that seems in good condition (also found other cheap used cars in the same condition) , so i wanted to know how approximately the cost of insurance and if these prices are normal ,because i checked the OC cost using a polish web page where i entered all the info (regarding myself and the car's specs and history ) and the cost appeared to be around 1300 zloty , so nearly the same value of the car .
InWroclaw 89 | 1910
21 Apr 2015 #2
Cheap compared to where? They are rather expensive compared to the UK.

1300 zloty ? You'll be lucky if you're 22 and it's your first policy. When you go to the broker and they start entering your data, the insurer's computer will probably ask for nearer 2000 or even 2500. That said, one or two smaller insurers MIGHT be around 800-1000 if you shop around, but I am not sure due to your age.

After a few accident-free years, it might come down to 1300 or less, it depends.
OP michelle.1993
21 Apr 2015 #3
it is just that i've seen posts around thia forum that they calculate the insurance as a percentage of a car's value , but the numbers never reached 90% of the car's value
InWroclaw 89 | 1910
21 Apr 2015 #4
Not so AFAIK with old cars, Michelle. Insurance can be quoted at equal to the car's value or more. They take account of whether it's the insured/driver's first policy, age, etc. It might be the car that's technically insured but the policy premium is for a large part based on the hands on the wheel.
OP michelle.1993
21 Apr 2015 #5
it's not fair that young people need to pay that much :p
21 Apr 2015 #6
You think that's a lot? When I was about your age I needed to pay £750 (at that time about 5,000zl) for a car which had cost me £500.
Lukasz K - | 103
21 Apr 2015 #7
I do not know how you calculate those numbers.

The OP asked about OC so it has nothing to do with the value of the car as nobody would pay him when something happens (to him or his car) it is just to cover losses he would make to somebody else.

The only thing that matters in that situation is his age (the younger the higher rate), time hes has been registered (insured) as a driver (could be a co-driver of for example his parents car) with no damages (that is important as he would get a discount for every year), place where he resides (citizens of some regions have higher risk of having an accident than the other) and the engine capacity of the car.

When I was at his age (10 years ago) I also drove and old Skoda and I paid for OC sth. like 600 PLN/year. Nowadays I am older, and have paid insurance with no damages for some time so I pay similar price even though the prices of insurance have generally gone up. However I doubt he would pay more than 1000 PLN/year.

Tho really check it there are insurance calculators online anybody could use that include the variables that are important for the overall cost of the insurance.


terri 1 | 1661
22 Apr 2015 #8
Maybe it's me - but I was under the impression that it is THE CAR that is insured, and not the person driving it (like in the UK).

Maybe someone could clarify this point.
Polsyr 6 | 758
22 Apr 2015 #9
I was under the impression that it is THE CAR that is insured

OC in Poland is what they call "liability" or "third party" in other countries. It is the minimum requirement for a car to be driven legally, and covers only damages caused by the subject car to others if the driver of the subject car is at fault, hence the name liability or third party.

It does not cover damages to the car subject car (those can be covered by AC, comprehensive or extended coverage).

Usually they calculate the cost of OC based on: driver's age, number of years in possession of a driving license, number of years without claims, location, engine size etc. It is NOT based on the value of the subject car. You can buy a car for 5.000 zl or 100.000 zl and pay the nearly the same amount for OC.

When they calculate AC the value and specifications of the subject car are taken into consideration.
terri 1 | 1661
22 Apr 2015 #10
I understand the difference between OC and AC. So it seems that OC is based on the actual driver and AC on the car.
Polsyr 6 | 758
23 Apr 2015 #11
Actually, OC cost calculation involves engine size as well (usually), and AC involves both car and driver, because AC covers damages to your own car when YOU are at fault...
25 Jun 2015 #12
I understand that the engine capacity is also an important criteria to determine the insurance price (as in most countries). Does anybody know if the difference is huge between an 1.9 Turbo diesel Injection (like a SEAT Alhambra) and a 2.5 Turbo (like a VOLVO S60)?
Looker - | 1130
25 Jun 2015 #13
There's a lot of different factors yet which may impact your OC price more. And the more important thing is the vehicle power (in horsepower) rather than the capacity. I checked briefly, and the difference shouldn't be big, it's actually smaller than I expected (more less 100PLN for the cheapest offers) - but it was just my simplest calculation. Different insurance companies have very different fees. Better check yourself here:
Polsyr 6 | 758
25 Jun 2015 #14
engine capacity

If I remember correctly, in Poland the biggest step in Insurance cost comes at a threshold engine size of 1.6 L. Don't quote me on this though, I could be wrong.
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1087
27 Jun 2015 #15
if the difference is huge between an 1.9 Turbo diesel Injection (like a SEAT Alhambra) and a 2.5 Turbo

28 Jun 2015 #16
tip of the day "buy a car with OC for awhile"

if your car has almost a year OC left.. drive it for several months then sell on.

You will never pay money for any OC if you buy and sell cars like this ;)
26 Aug 2015 #17
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