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Buying steroids in Poland? Is it legal?

manic55 1 | -
10 Jul 2014 #1

I am an athlete travelling to Poland for vacation. I was wondering if it's possible to buy testosterone over the counter in a pharmacy while there?

Is it legal? If not over the counter is there another way to get it?
smurf 39 | 1,981
10 Jul 2014 #2
Used to be, not anymore.
They can only be got for medical use now.

Available illegally, but you'll need to go some some dodgy gym and ask the local neo-nazi/football hooligan meatheads.
2 Jul 2019 #3

Steroids in POLAND

I know you cant buy legally steroids in poland it legal to posess them?
pawian 163 | 10,429
2 Jul 2019 #4
Selling steroids is illegal. Buying them and possessing isn`t. Of course. if you possess whole sale amounts, you might be accussed of selling.

This body building site explains things:

Home / Law / Buying steroids in Poland? Is it legal?
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