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Buying a car in Poland or Germany?

polishinvestor 1 | 362
2 Nov 2017  #31
Poles tend to believe something has irrational value, ergo they try to sell high.

Often they don't understand opportunity cost, that's often the case in small or rural towns. Time and opportunity lost is money.

I agree never buy a second hand car in Poland.

You can buy great used cars in Poland, but of course they are going to be priced at the top of their respective price bands. Those fresh out of leases are generally 3 years old and have been well maintained given they were always owned by the financial institution or loan provider. Given depreciation you can pick up these cars for around half of showroom value or so and still have a great car but for sensible money. Not cheap, more than average, but sensible.
Sahand - | 1
9 Jan 2019  #32
Hello, Everyone, i am (Sahand), it is great to get a nice advice from you guys.

My case simply I have Dodge Charger 2015 6V RWD, With Boral Exhaust System, Lovely Nice Sound Car, I want to transport it to Warsaw, but i am really confused, that i should sell it in Dubai, and Buy Near Value Car in Warsaw, or get the car, the tax and the procedure it looks like a headache, but at the same time i really like car, also i am confused because of the fuel consumption, which is almost 15.4L/100KM.

Do you recommend any trustable website in Poland to search for clean 2nd hand cars?

Thanks & would appreciate your kind replies.
goodytwoshoes - | 16
13 Jan 2019  #33
Surely as long as import tax isn't too high importing from Germany would make more sense
MoOli 9 | 484
13 Jan 2019  #34
Importing from germany,with all the taxes are over 48%
PeteUSA - | 3
5 Feb 2019  #35
Go to Germany and buy it at least you will know how many miles are on it and the taxes well if you buy it in Poland the dealer would have paid them and passed it on to you. Look for some on German web pages and go there save yourself money. If you want a American car message me I deal with those
Dougpol1 27 | 2,633
5 Feb 2019  #36
Importing from germany,with all the taxes are over 48%

Nonsense. 500 zl tax when I imported cars, up to 2000 cc. Never ever buy a second hand car in Poland, unless it's family, or the car has proven recent receipt from Germany etc.

Polish sellers always sell high. If you like wasting money - fine.

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