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Blackmail is legal in Poland?

28 Jan 2017 #1
Trying to find solutions in Poland to see my child again seems impossible when it comes to Polish Justice.
I cannot justify the morality in where children have no legal rights to see a forigener parent when the mother chooses for this.
Mothers seem to have every right to blackmail fathers and use the child as a emotional weapon and its apparently normal in poland that mothers are allowed to do this without any consequences.

My daughter is obviously missing me and constantly asking please let Papa come to see me.
The mother refuses NO NO NO i make the rules.
And my daughter is left in a emotional state of distress at the mother reaction.

I do not want a father in childs life she has grandma and me.
Keep out my life and pay for child.
When you want to see child on skype you must pay.
This is my conditions and noone change this skype or nothing.
But you must pay.

Is Blackmail allowed in Poland this way???
Has a child rights to having a father in Poland or is it only for financially needs?
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,852
28 Jan 2017 #3
Did you marry the mother of your child?
is your name on the birth cert?
Ironside 50 | 11,475
28 Jan 2017 #4
Sure - it is legal.
Wulkan - | 3,243
28 Jan 2017 #6
Blackmail is legal in Poland?

Luckily for you, butchering Polish is legal.
OP Guest
29 Jan 2017 #7
No my name is not on the birth certificate.
She did not allow this as she said fianancially it was better for her.
And she would reverse this when she returns to me. ( I am 1200 km away )
She wanted me to illegal send child benefit to Poland I refused.
3 Years I waited for them to return and she made endless promises and excuses.
They never returned.
5 Years I have travelled to poland constantanly having to follow her demands for whatever she needed.
Driving in weekend 2400 km making payment and returning home.
Sometimes sent directly home.
Often sitting in a hotel waiting until she decides I can see my child.
Now comes conditions her conditions NO MONEY NO CHILD.
There are also other conditions also all for her financial needs.
Often on skype my little girl asked please mama can papa come.
The mother says NO !!
When I ask why not she says shut your mouth and screams violently.
I do not want to speak to you!! Idiot.
Child does not need father child needs money !!!
I have been there always for my daughter.
I have travelled maybe 35 times in 5 years.
Phone is blocked.
Mobile is blocked.
I have to keep my skype on all day and hope I can see my child.
And I can only visit when she needs money!!!
The mother will not communicate at all with me!!
Totally nothing.
I must drive when the mother decides not when is convientant for me.
What the mother requires I must take.
And in return I can see my daughter.
johnny reb 31 | 5,733
29 Jan 2017 #8
This is the THIRD THREAD that you have presented your dilemma in the last year to the P.F. almost word for word or did you just copy and paste it ?

At any rate it is quite apparent that you can't solve this problem by yourself, we are not psychiatrists nor attorneys.
The only option you have left to see your daughter is to hire an attorney that belongs to the same country club as the judge does.

If you don't have the money then you are S.O.L. until your daughter turns of legal age to who she prefers to raise her, Mommy or Daddy.

It is your problem and your problem alone and nobody can fix it for you unless you want to spend some serious money.
Now that is just the way the pickle squirts or in other words REALITY.
With that said we need no longer entertain your personal problems.
Sorry we could help get your daughter back for you.
30 Jan 2017 #9

Sounds very reasonable. If you won't face up to the responsibilities of being a parent, why should you have the benefits of being a parent. Frankly you're lucky that she hasn't gone to court in Poland and had an order issued against you.
Lyzko 30 | 7,716
30 Jan 2017 #10
Blackmail isn't legal, but then neither is bribery, yet it goes on everywhere:-))
OP Guest
23 Jul 2017 #11
Well, there seems to be no support here at all.
This is not about me not taking responsibilities.This is about a Polish woman that uses her child as a meal ticket.
I have owned up to my responsibilities by being there for my child and travelling to Poland.
I support my daughter financially the best way I can financially.
She even wants a new kitchen and new windows frames it just goes on and on.
Often turned away on my visits to Poland unless I can provide her with what she demands.

You suggested I see an attorney in Poland.
I took your advice and hoped for good advice.

I have been advised the area my ex-lives in is a biased minded court system that does not favour foreigners.
And going to court will not do me any justice.

I was advised to do as my ex-demands no matter how unfair it seems.

The court can demand I go to work full time even though I am officially unable to.
In Poland when you have 2 arms and legs there is no reason not to work that is the way it is in Poland.

Your ex-has every right to return to Poland to live and take the child.
This is your stupid mistake for falling in love with a Polish woman you should have known she would eventually return
to Poland.

I can be even be told to give up my rented home and live in a caravan to pay extra for my child.

In Polish courts, the mother makes the rules and the courts favour them the when the mother can point 1 finger at the father
for any aggressive conflicts even verbally or written then the fathers loose every contact.

In western Europe the courts they support the childs needs to have a father even if the father is not working or unable to work.

In Poland, it is totally different it is Purely financial interest.

My advocaat in Holland was totally shocked at the advice I was given in Poland and found it rather extreme.

I thought I would I let you all know the outcome.

Thank you.
johnny reb 31 | 5,733
23 Jul 2017 #12
This is not about me not taking responsibilities.

Of course it is.
If you would have married her first and got your lives established and then had a child instead of having a child first out of wedlock things might have gone more in your favor.

We only wish we could hear the other side of the story from the mother of your child to fill in the empty blanks.
OP Guest
23 Jul 2017 #13
Bible Study, Shooting my guns, sipping whiskey and mocking Progressive Liberal Political Correctness.

I suggest you stick to your bible studies and whiskey drinking.
Go and shoot your negative biased comments to someone else. Get your own life in order before telling others what they should do.
Who are you to tell me I should have got married idiot.
Wulkan - | 3,243
24 Jul 2017 #14
Get your own life in order

Who said it isn't?

Who are you to tell me I should have got married idiot.

Compulsive and vulgar behavior, I hope the mother of your daughter is ok now.
Marsupial - | 886
24 Jul 2017 #15
Well not you have no rights. Why write anything?
johnny reb 31 | 5,733
24 Jul 2017 #16
before telling others what they should do.

You are the one that came here asking for advice about your very bad choice and now want to play the blame game.
I didn't make your irresponsible choice for you lad, you did it all by yourself.
Now you don't want to be held accountable for it like the mother of your child is doing to you and most likely any Polish court of law will do too.

Your little temper tantrum just now shows your real character which adds another piece to the puzzle.
In one of your other three threads on this same subject ◾Advice needed on access rights and alimony payments regarding my Polish daughter you claimed that your daughter did have your last name but in this thread you claim that she does not

No my name is not on the birth certificate.

You make things up as you go which shows another glaring piece to the puzzle.
So far we now know that you have a bad temper and are wreckless with the truth.

Who are you to tell me I should have got married

Someone needs to enlighten you son !
Your way didn't seem to work to well for you now did it.
Maybe you should go meet with her Catholic father and let him enlighten you too. (No, not a good idea)
Is that why she left you is because you refused to marry her ?
If so, no wonder she and her family wants you totally out of the picture.
OP Guest
24 Jul 2017 #17
johnny rehab
You are the one that came here asking for advice about your very bad choice and now want to play the blame game.

I did not come her to be given advice from a frustrated alcoholic that likes to cover his bad habits with Bible study.
When you answer in a positive sober manner I will gladly listen.
The only 1 blaming here is you. My interest is in seeing my child.
Although you will continue to defend me ex no-matter who is right or wrong.
She has admitted she used me only for a child yet in your eyes this makes me guilty because I did not marry.
I didn't make your irresponsible choice for you lad, no of course not my choice was not irresponsible I was given false hope and lied to.

And I take my responsibilities I pay via the Western Union and she refuses to cash them I can only see my daughter when I pay cash in hand when she needs money I have to drive kmsss in a weekend to see my daughter. It does not concern her my daughter is begging on the phone please visit me papa she says that is not her interest I can only visit when she needs money!!!

Open your eyes a little johnny rehab .... marriage brings no guarantees in life.
And marriage or not there are 1000 of men screwed over by polish women for the same reason I was.

Read this article 200 times this man fought for his daughter and is still fighting.
I think you better get updated on Polish laws not me.
OP Guest
24 Jul 2017 #18
Your comments johnny rehab are non-supportive you reply in a provoke frustrated way.
And most of all negative and hostile.
Stick to your bible study and whisky and shooting your gun :) let's hope your aim is as good as your judgmental finger pointing comments.
johnny reb 31 | 5,733
24 Jul 2017 #19
Your comments johnny rehab are non-supportive

I do apologize and probably should not have replied to you at all.
However after listening to you whine in three threads here now..........

◾Blackmail is legal in Poland?
◾Lost without my daughter - father rights in Poland
◾Advice needed on access rights and alimony payments regarding my Polish daughter

It is getting old, we all have our own problems and this isn't a self help forum.

there are 1000 of men screwed over by polish women for the same reason I was.

Wrong, there are multi millions of men as well as women that are screwed over.
It's called life so pull up your boots and deal with it and move on.
Your daughter will soon be of age to whom she wants to live with, mom or dad.
Until then I am afraid you are S.O.L.
Lyzko 30 | 7,716
24 Jul 2017 #20
Blackmail doubtless is "legal" most anywhere, along with other white-collar crimes.....until somebody stops youLOL
OP Guest
24 Jul 2017 #21
Now that's a better answer johnny thank you.

I know I should move on. Only my daughter is allowed to speak to me on the phone. This has not been stopped only her constant begging asking me to visit her

and when will you visit papa.... mama always says no papa and I miss you.

Today I send cash again via western her answer was I will not accept this ... I only want cash.
She promises I can visit my daughter when I pay. Only now I try to pay via western union so I have proof I support my daughter.

My ex-tells me I will not accept this. Cash or nothing.
Every time promises I can visit my daughter she changes her mind and say I am busy this month maybe next month.
I do not know when I let you come. When you just turn up I will call the Police.
My rules or nothing.
I just feel so sorry for my daughter because as a father I want the best for her and she obviously misses me.
So it not so easy for me either. My only son died 8 years ago and now a daughter that I cannot visit.
johnny reb 31 | 5,733
25 Jul 2017 #22
Today I send cash again via western her answer was I will not accept this ... I only want cash.

Well of course so she can use that against you too.
Send it Western Union and tell her it is there to pick up, if she doesn't pick it up after a certain amount of time they send it back to you.

There, you have documentation that you tried to send her money.
Then send it to her again and again until you have documentation that you tried every month of the year to send it to her but she insisted on cash.

Bottom line is if you really love your daughter you will do what is best and that is not to cause unnecessary drama in her life.

Her mother knows exactly how it is ripping your heart out and that is why she has the heat turned up maximum.
The good news is that someday your daughter will understand what her mother deprived her from and will hate her for it.
I am guessing when she turns 12 -13 years old she will have no use for her mother as all girls that age hate their mothers.

Then it will be your turn to side with your daughter 100% as an allie without saying or doing one bad thing against her mother.
Your daughter will take care of that part as girls that age are VERY creative to get what they want and she will have her mother just a hopping knowing that you will side with her and back her up which will drive mama right up the wall.

Don't get mad, get even. ;-)
Lyzko 30 | 7,716
25 Jul 2017 #23
Don't get even, get "PROTECTION" (even better than "COSMOPOLITAN")!

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