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Biz in Poland - foodstuff export out of Poland

6 Sep 2012 #1
Ok, I am English and I am married to a Polish woman.
I have a PESTEL etc....and am currently living and working in Poland with a house we own here.
I want to set up distribution company Only exporting foodstuff out of Poland
I would be the sole owner of the company with no emplyees.

I would be grateful for any and all help and advise on the subject...I have also been told that germany would be a better option???? And Crypus also!!

Any help???


phtoa 9 | 236
6 Sep 2012 #2
I would be the sole owner of the company with no emplyees

So set yourself up as a Sole trader here in Poland.
Google it, unfortunately I'm not able to provide you with very much useful info.
Jars777 20 | 70
6 Sep 2012 #3
Hi. I would recommend getting an accountant. I am registered self-employed here and work mainly for a British company. You will have to register for VAT but then the invoices should be VAT free. (This supply is subject to the reverse charge - article 28 of Law concerning tax on commodity and service). If you want I can recommend you a very good accountancy company in Gdansk (they are in other places too in Poland).

I cannot say if it is better with setting this up in Germany but if you need translation help I am German and would be happy to help. Just message me.

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