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Banks in Poland are rip off - western union charges

mrcruz27 2 | 8
25 Mar 2014 #1
I had to use western union and they charge me 200 zlt extra on top of my western union charges to send money . I never pay extra in any country western union but polish banks WU . Never use them. I rather buy a ticket to germany and use there and it ll still cost me less.
Kowalski 7 | 621
26 Mar 2014 #2
Strange. I used WU outlets few times, also in PKO bank and never had any extra fees. Perhaps you were using regular bank (no WU outlet) with request to transfer to WU. Rip off.
26 Mar 2014 #4
Yes, Polish banks are very strange. Late last year I had to send $500 up to the port in Gydnia for my belongings which came from the US. Had a terrible time trying to find out how much it would cost me to get the money sent to Nordea Bank. No one seemed to know the fee I would be charged. Finally got a definite answer after many tries - 80 zloty. Ended up going to Bielsko Biala where there was a branch of Nordea and they did it for free.

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