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Can I apply to live in Poland while actually in Poland ?

xeNNNN 1 | 5
2 Jun 2012 #1
First off im sorry for not posting in polish I wish I could haha but I only know a few sentences at the moment.

Right now im curious, im a UK citizen and I want to move to Poland to be with my girlfriend, because well im fed up of England and the distance is a real annoyance and costly and well I like the polish language and culture to.

now my question is, can I apply to live in Poland while actually in Poland or do I have to do it in my own country?

because I know I can stay in Poland for up to 3 months before I have to leave without a Visa but im unclear on whether I have to do it from home or while im in country or if I can do it in the country.


if anyone could lay down some specific's that I would need to move to Poland apart from the visa(obviously I need an immigration visa and to know at least some of the polish language for a start) that would be a great help thanks :)
welshguyinpola 23 | 463
2 Jun 2012 #2
What are you talking about? If you really are a UK citizen, you do not need a visa to stay in Poland
InWroclaw 89 | 1,914
2 Jun 2012 #3
I thought UK citizens sometimes need some sort of residents' permit, or a work permit was necessary? If a person from the UK stays more than 6 months in Poland, is there not a tax implication? Savings interest earned in the UK in UK banks - taxable only in the UK or in Poland? Earnings from UK income, eg if a UK landlord or with shares in UK companies, taxable in Poland if staying in Poland for more than 6 months? Poland's tax system is much less generous on the tax-free allowance - what is it just approx £600 tax free in Poland? In the UK it is £7,000 or more tax free (income tax) for a single person, if I recall.
sielakos - | 27
2 Jun 2012 #4 nals_of_the_European_Union
You have contact info there. I suppose you can ask you question there.
InWroclaw 89 | 1,914
2 Jun 2012 #5

How to obtain residency
It is obligatory for all EU Citizens to obtain a Residency Registration Certificate confirming their stay in Poland (Zaświadczenie o Zarejestrowaniu Pobytu Obywateli Unii Europejskiej w Polsce).

The application for the certificate must be lodged in person to the appropriate Regional Voivod Office (Urząd Wojewódzki) after 3 months stay in Poland.
British Citizens will be asked to provide:

application form (Wniosek) completed in Polish (form available at Voivod Office)
photographic evidence of ID and nationality (e.g. passport- original to be presented, 4 photocopies to be submitted )
documents confirming the purpose of their stay in Poland.
All documents and their sworn translations into Polish should be presented in original. Please have the copies of all documents prepared for the Office reference.

Please note that all applications for Registration Certificate are considered individually depending on the applicant's circumstances in Poland. For further details you can contact Foreigners' Department of any Regional Voivod Office for advice. In Warsaw this is:

Mazowiecki Urząd Wojewódzki
Oddział ds. Cudzoziemców
ul. Długa 5
1st Floor, room 42, 43
tel +48 22 695 67 52

For other Voivod Offices please follow:
www. name of the Voivod ---this is my edit for this forum ]

Non-EU spouses of EU Citizens have the right to apply for EU Family Member Card ( Karta Czlonka Rodziny Obywatela Unii Europejskiej).

Please note that all EU Citizens' Residency Cards already issued remain valid and there is no (no) need to exchange them for the new Residency Registration Certificate.

All EU Citizens after 5 years of residency in Poland may apply for permanent residency permit. All applications will be considered on individual merits. For details please contact the relevant Voivod Office.

OP xeNNNN 1 | 5
2 Jun 2012 #6
ok thanks for the help with that, so I can stay in Poland for 6 months before i have to do this? then after I've done this I can stay in Poland for as long as I so choose?

Also, im supposed to be renting a flat with my Girlfriend and Her Friend And Her Friends Boy Friend, do I need this residency certificate to do that or can I do this without the certificate or does it just depend on the landlord?

sielakos - | 27
2 Jun 2012 #7
I don't think you need such a thing for that.
OP xeNNNN 1 | 5
2 Jun 2012 #8
You mean for renting a flat or something else?
sielakos - | 27
2 Jun 2012 #9
Yeah... well and you can rent a flat without paper work too... It isn't very legal, but who cares?
OP xeNNNN 1 | 5
2 Jun 2012 #10
haha, well me because i don't want to get in trouble or my plans go to hell so :)
sielakos - | 27
2 Jun 2012 #11
You won't get in any troubles for that. Only landlord can, cos he didn't pay tax for your rent.
OP xeNNNN 1 | 5
2 Jun 2012 #12
well that's also what i mean, like i dont want to be refused by the land lord because i dont have the right paperwork so.
2 Jun 2012 #13
Take notice of InWroclaw's post 5 as he has all the correct info in there and you can get all the paperwork done here in Poland, in fact you cannot do this in the UK.
sielakos - | 27
2 Jun 2012 #14
If i understand that matter correctly you have every right to rent a flat during this X-months period and after that you have to do this simple paperwork.
InWroclaw 89 | 1,914
3 Jun 2012 #15
A lot of detailed information in English here on this pdf, page 56 for a list of Vovoidship offices:

Wrocław's is listed as

Dolnośląski Urząd Wojewódzki
we Wrocławiu
Pl. Powstańców Warszawy 1
50-951 Wrocław
tel. 071 340 66 55
071 340 65 87

Some of the info may be out of date as the pdf is not very recent.
Also found this link:
OP xeNNNN 1 | 5
3 Jun 2012 #16
ok thanks that's helped me quite a bit, i wasn't sure if i had to do it here or not, immigration and moving in general is quite a pain to get your head around when you dont have the right information ^^ lol

id like to leave this thread open just in case i have anymore questions on the matter, dzieki :)
InWroclaw 89 | 1,914
3 Jun 2012 #17
dzieki :)

You're welcome.

Here it is on the map, 99% sure this is the place y+1+wroclaw&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x470fe9d6111420b5:0x12127ab953ac03f0,P lac+Powsta%C5%84c%C3%B3w+Warszawy+1,+Wroc%C5%82aw,+Poland&ei=EzrLT-qGB fOM4gS7uUQ&oi=geocode_result&ved=0CAsQ8gEwAA
InWroclaw 89 | 1,914
3 Jun 2012 #19

Pleased to see I found the right place for the OP, and if it is where I think it is then it's not too far away from a very decent ice cream hut with some of the best ice cream (called Lody) in Wroclaw at about 50p for a cornet. So get your form done, then go for a stroll by the Odra with your other half and enjoy an ice cream which rivals some of the best we have in the UK.

Just out of interest, is it a legal alternative to the residence permit for someone in Poland from the EU to leave Poland every 3 months, for example going.over the border to Germany for the day, and then to come back in to Poland for another 3 months?

Years ago, people visiting the USA from the UK used to do something similar there, not sure if they went to Mexico or somewhere else, from what I remember hearing back then (80s or 90s).
11 Jun 2012 #20
and then to come back in to Poland for another 3 months?

Yes. Although given that there is no way for anybody to prove that you have been in Poland for more than three months, you don't actually need to go to all the hassle of going out of the country (just say you did).
jon357 71 | 20,031
11 Jun 2012 #21
Probably. If you don't register they can't throw you out anyway since as a citizen of an EU country you have a valid legal basis to be in any other EU country. In my case I'm out of PL several times every year and certainly every couple of months at the least so at the moment I'm not bothering with registration. I have documentary proof of my whereabouts and it suits for taxation purposes.

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