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Agricultural subsidy in Poland and European Union (investments in livestock)

GTO 3 | 22
15 May 2014 #1

do anybody know about rules regulations of governmental subsidy ?

i would like to know what kind of support i could get of my investments in livestock hold in Poland.
15 May 2014 #2
They will pay you if you plant trees on your land. No help if you want to produce food.
OP GTO 3 | 22
15 May 2014 #3
So you don't get subsidy pr acres cropland/farmland? and pr adult production animal like in other EU countries?
15 May 2014 #4
not much, but you have to fulfill certain precondisions.
OP GTO 3 | 22
15 May 2014 #5
But you do you have any specific documentations or regulations that i can study?

I am interested in Rules and regulations regarding Livestock hold and farm land.

governmental requirements and guidelines. agricultural investment and advisory.
DominicB - | 2707
16 May 2014 #6
Like Lolek said, chances of getting a subsidy for agricultural production are slim to none. Agricultural over-production is a huge problem in Europe, especially dairy, and EU policy is geared at decreasing production in the agricultural sector overall. Drastically. Especially in Eastern Europe. Dairy overproduction has caused a nasty economic war in the EU for the past forty years, so if you're planning on entering that area, expect fierce exclusionary policies and extremely strict production quotas, and no help from anyone. In fact, expect a hostile reception and you won't be disappointed.

That having been said, there are possibilities if you are planning a very innovative integrated and eco-friendly operation that concentrates on high value-added regional, craft or artisan specialty products, with the emphasis being on integrated. However, that takes considerable education, qualifications, experience, skill, expertise and tons of work to pull off. Another possibility is gene banking in cooperation with universities and breeding centers.

As far as guidelines and regulations go, you will have to find a real consultant in the type of agricultural you are interested in. The place to start is SGGW or your local AR. You're totally barking up the wrong tree by looking for information about this on an internet forum. The ONLY way you are going to get any useful information is by plunking down the cash to consult with an actual expert.

All in all, agriculture in the EU is an investment that is highly unlikely to pay off for dilettantes. If you don't have considerable education and experience yourself, in agriculture, business and dealing with EU regulatory policies, probably the best advice you will receive is to steer clear of the whole business and plant trees instead.
OP GTO 3 | 22
16 May 2014 #7
Thank you DomenicB for you inspiring and positive answer. you seems like you have grate knowledge, and you have probably inspired many individuals i wish you a grate future :)
25 Nov 2014 #8
I need to complete a survey on agriculture sector in Poland and I'll appreciate if you can clarify is any specific taxation in Poland for agriculture, any VAT exemptions or reduced rate if the company is involved in agro-business.

Agriculture I mean - poultry & grain and fodder production. Any direct payments/subsidies
Thanks in advance for any information.

what are the the EU subsidies per 1 ha in Poland?

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