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Permanent residency after 3/5 years but no NIP so far...ok?

jeiwarsaw 1 | 1
1 Jan 2013 #1
Dear Colleagues,

i am new to this forum, hello everyone.

I come from Jordanie, i am married to Polish woman for 3 years already, and we have a baBy daughter; we moved to Poland 2 years ago. Before that, we were working both of us in the construction management sector in the Middle East for 3 years.

Now, i finnished the first year of temporary residency jan 2011 to jan 2012, and i applied for the 2nd term in jan 2012 - of 2 years temporay residency; in my situation, being married to a Polish citizen for more than 3 years, i can apply for permanent residency at the end of my current temporary residency term, means begining of 2014.

My question is : when i will apply for the permanent residency in jan 2014, will i be questionned why i don t have a NIP ? will this casue any problem for my application ?

I wait for anay feedback,

thank you.
dubajka - | 1
1 Jan 2013 #2
I don't think there is anything you should be worried about.

I know NIP is no longer needed or used even by Polish citizens. For some time now, any private citizen is identified solely by their PESEL and NIP is only required from business entities.

Hope this helps :)

PS. As of August 15th 2012 the regulations for obtaining Polish passport were changed. The minimum period of 3,5 years of residency in Poland was shorten to 2years (for spouses of Polish citizens) so you might want to check if you are eligible to apply for one instead of another temp/perm residency. The down side is that now they require applicants to pass language exam... Polish language exam...
OP jeiwarsaw 1 | 1
8 Jan 2013 #3
Tx dubajka.

Continuing my inquiries, will there be any questioning regarding my taxes when the time comes to apply for that permanent residency (or passport as you suggested)? and if i paid nothing as taxes - apart from tax you pay everyday from products or VAT, will there be any problem or questioning ? to note that we have no income in Poland so i don t need to claim any tax, as we have been surviving from saving we did in the past years before we moved to Poland, plus a good lotterie prize we won also before we moved.

gumishu 11 | 5,508
8 Jan 2013 #4
noone should be asking questions about taxes when residence and nationality are in question
5 Jul 2014 #5
Hallo Friend,

I read your questions and asked myself the same. Please write me to tell me how your application went ( both permanent and passport). In am soon going the same process.

Dzien kuje bardzo moj brat :)

8 Oct 2017 #6
what are the chances to reject my permanent resident application,im working in polish company for about 5 years

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