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Permanent residency for my Chinese wife (I'm Polish)

Ain 1 | -
5 Jun 2012 #1
I am Polish and my girlfriend is Chinese. We want to get married in Poland next year. Just after we get married we want to live together in Poland, so I need to help her get permanent residence permission. She was in Poland only once for 3 months (tourist visa). What do we need? What should we do? Can she get permanent residency just after we get married? I need to know as much as possible.

Thank you!
Jimmu 2 | 156
14 Jun 2012 #2
You can't get permanent residence immediately after marriage. You need to go to the urząd województwo to get temporary residence, maintain that for two years, then you can apply for permanent. See if you can get a two year temp. They gave me a year and a half, so I get to reapply (and pay fees again) so I can finish up the two years and apply for permanent. As far as I know the exact duration of the temporary is up to the issuing clerk.

Oh, yeah. This is after you get to Poland on a short term visa from the Polish consulate/embassy.
8 Dec 2016 #3
Merged: Polish permanent residence for non EU spouse

Hi everyone,
Im non EU family member of Polish national and want to apply for permanent residence in Poland, we are living together and been married since 2011. Could someone guide me please, your help will be much appreciated. Thanks

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