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The official Web pages are confusing in telling me exactly how many years I need to obtain Polish citizenship.

BIM 1 | 4
3 Feb 2017 #1

I am a young man from an EU country, who considers moving to Poland for the rest of his life and implicitly obtain the citizenship there.

I have looked for information online regarding the conditions I must fulfil however I kept coming across the same pair of paragraphs which seem to contradict themselves, probably due to the fact that they are not being detailed enough, that they omitted something.

Here they are:

1) "a foreigner residing continuously on the territory of the Republic of Poland for at least 3 years, pursuant to an establishment permit, an EC residence permit for a long-term resident, or a permanent residence permit, having a stable and regular income within the Republic of Poland as well as a legal title to the occupied living premises"

2) "a foreigner residing continuously and legally on the territory of the Republic of Poland for at least 10 years, who fulfills jointly the following conditions: is a holder of an establishment permit, an EC residence permit for a long-term resident, or a permanent residence permit, and has a stable and regular income within the Republic of Poland as well as a legal title to the occupied living premises"

So can anyone tell me exactly how many years I must reside in Poland before I can apply for the citizenship? 3 or 10? I simply cannot see any difference between the conditions stipulated by these two paragraphs.

Do I have any advantage if I come from an EU country, compared to someone from outside it? I read that residence permits are also of multiple types and it seems that EU citizens receive a special type. Can anyone help me with this issue as well?

Best wishes,
Lyzko 36 | 8,464
3 Feb 2017 #2
Had forgotten Romania is part of the EU.

I'd contact your local consulate first. After your documents are in order, you'd do well to take a crash Polish course prior to entering the country.

Europe's getting so crowded with everybody and his brother looking to gain access that knowing at least the mimimum of the target language can only give you leg up in the application process, not to mention, seeking employment, usually a pre-condition for permission to stay in the country:-)

3 Feb 2017 #3
There is a difference: "pursuant to" in 1). This means:
1) 5 years to get permanent residence + 3 years = 8 years
2) 10 years
OP BIM 1 | 4
3 Feb 2017 #4
Thank you dovla for the clarification. So this means that I must stay 5 years on temporary residence permit before I can apply for the permanent one, yes?

Lyzko, don't worry about my future Polish fluency because I have practiced learning foreign languages since I was a little child and most importantly, I can offer Poland much more than just changing the diapers of forgotten old people living in retirement homes... just saying this in case you met a lot of desperate Romanian losers "crowding" other European countries. Unlike them, some of us aspire to become engineers and even reach space one day :)
Lyzko 36 | 8,464
3 Feb 2017 #5
Some already have, BIM, although perhaps not the way you meant it:-)

Don't feel slighted by my innocent query in the least! With your nearly perfect written English, you should have no trouble whatsoever securing gainful salaried employment anywhere within the EU!

Never once did I imagine someone with your skills would be changing diapers in a retirement village etc...

In truth though, much like Poland, Romania has been long consigned to the backwaters of Europe, often associated here in the States with "Dracula country", Ceaucescu's failed regime, the Iron Guard and lots of other less then favorable impressions:-)

Few know of (much less care about!) people such as George Enescu, Eugene Ionesco (later in France), Mirceau Eliade, as well as lots more significant cultural figures.
3 Feb 2017 #6
"So this means that I must stay 5 years on temporary residence permit before I can apply for the permanent one, yes?"

Typically. Can be shorter if your spouse is Polish, for example. Maybe some expedited procedure applies to citizens of EU countries.
Lyzko 36 | 8,464
3 Feb 2017 #7
In certain EU-countries, having a spouse from that country automatically guarantees citizenship. Not sure though to which countries that refers:-) Perhaps too it's an outdated ruling. That could be also.
OP BIM 1 | 4
3 Feb 2017 #8
I heard that Polish people in general are nationalistic (this is something which I appreciate in them a lot) however I dislike that this aspect also encourages ignorance, in the sense that they rarely speak any foreign language at all, even the young ones! So that means I have no choice but to study Polish seriously in order to be able to communicate with most people.

Romania has a bad reputation, at least in Europe, due to the gypsies who went abroad and committed countless crimes. They are originally from India, and the Ottomans brought them here as slaves. We freed them at a point but they never integrated properly into society. Their situation is very similar to that of American ni&&ers.

As for you Americans, I guess you hate us because we allied with the Germans and even kicked your ass when you attempted to bombard our oil fields ;) The Iron Guard was not that bad and neither was Ceausescu (who by the way, didn't govern a failed regime, we were a respected country... those who overthrew him later installed a failed regime which persisted for about 27 years now, why the hell do you think I want to get out of here?... 300 000 Romanian people in the streets every night for the last 4 consecutive days, protesting against the government)
Lyzko 36 | 8,464
3 Feb 2017 #9
I for one scarcely "hate" the Romanians for any of the above reasons you've given:-)

Were I however a Hungarian, what with the Trianon Treaty to brood over, then perhaps yes, I would hate Romanians.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,872
3 Feb 2017 #10
You flatter yourself BIM.
Most of us never even think about Romania, let alone get up the energy to 'hate' people we don't know...
Get a grip
Lyzko 36 | 8,464
3 Feb 2017 #11
Why should he? It's hardly his fault that Romania's been made a punching bag by the Allies ever since the end of WWII!

Maybe it's YOU who should "get a grip", rozumiemnic.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,872
3 Feb 2017 #12
find your own cliche L....:) don't be so unoriginal...:)
How is Romania a 'punching bag'?
Don't be silly.
And BIM can you not use the word n@@@@r please.
'We freed them' - YOU did not do anything.
OP BIM 1 | 4
3 Feb 2017 #13
Obama through his policies almost started a new war with Russia. Who would have been wiped out in a matter of days if that happened? Among a few others, we Romanians because we are near their border. And we are actually the most tempting target since we also host the American missile defense system, which perhaps is secretly an attack platform as well. So yes, we are a punching bag... But Trump seems much smarter. I can finally like America with a guy like him in charge :D
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,872
3 Feb 2017 #14
yeh BIM there are plenty of other countries that would be affected..
And as you have left, like a rat leaving a sinking ship, I am not sure that you are really in a position to be bleating about it.

To all, please keep to the topic of this thread
mafketis 34 | 12,551
4 Feb 2017 #15
As long as Romania remains part of the EU I can't think of any special reason that Polish citizenship would be necessary, especially if you can find gainful employment.

Romania is a beautiful country (the little I've seen of it). At present it's going through some growing pains (the path from more corruption to less is long and gradual and marked by disruption). But the demonstrations against the government are a very good sign and hopefully the country can/will become stronger because of it.

I've read (not sure how true this is) that there's a social conflict (as in many post-communist states) between more progressive city dwellers and the countryside which tends to miss the security of authoritarian rule and remains unbothered by corruption. If you're trying to escape that then Poland is not the answer....

Moreso than in some countries, knowing Polish is crucial to any type of integration in Poland. Foreigners who learn Polish can become as integrated as they want and those who don't..... can't.
OP BIM 1 | 4
4 Feb 2017 #16
I asked something in the first post of this thread and it was answered to me already.

I did not come here to have people lecture me over my personal decisions. This thread should be closed because all after what dovla wrote is pure gargling.

You know nothing about Romania. Perhaps you just came here for the "beautiful women" like all degenerate idiots say when being asked.

The people in the streets of Romania these days, most of them didn't even go to vote in the recent parliamentary elections (less than half of the country did), but now they suddenly act like having pepper shoved down their asses. There is no such thing as a true patriotic spirit in Romania, it is all an illusion. Most youngsters worship the fuc.king Americans and western Europeans as if they were some kind of gods, and tend to copy especially the negative aspects of their lifestyles. Even looking at our own history, we can easily observe that Romanians themselves assassinated their best leaders for over 2000 years, from ancient times up to Nicolae Ceausescu (who was actually killed in a coup d'etat, by a group of Romanian traitors who were loyal to the Soviet Union and turned Romania back into a Soviet satellite). At least countries like Poland had the courage to oppose the EU( ruled by the nowadays cucked liberal Germany) when it attempted to force each of the countries within the union to host subhuman Muslim rapefugees. And they almost banned the abortions too but unfortunately they succumbed to feminist protest pressure, most likely organized by NGOs from the "civilized" West.

Romania's population is in a constant decline, cities and villages are getting emptied everywhere at an alarming rate. Since the 1989, our population (withing our borders) has gone down by several million individuals! At least Poland managed to keep its population number intact and they are taking measures to boost it again.

And the EU funds, last time I checked, Poland had one of the greatest absorption rates within the entire EU, while Romania had one the worst.

Don't tell me to stay in my own country. I am a white European from the Eastern side of the continent. As a Romanian, I have many aspects in common with the Poles so my integration will be fairly easy. Even my first name is Slavic and I often get confused with a Pole. Tell **, muslims and asians instead to stay in their god-forsaken continents and to stop mixing with us white Europeans, to breed that will become terrorist Antifa supporters at maturity. And nonetheless, educate European women to stop believing in the multiculturalism utopia. Europe for Europeans!

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