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Non-EU citizen Temporary Residence: Regular and stable income clause

daim 5 | 24
17 Jan 2016 #1
One of the requirements for getting temporary residency to open a business is "regular and stable income". Since I run my own business I don't pay myself on a regular and stable basis. I have not paid myself anything for more than a year. It appears this is necessary regardless of how much money you have in the bank.

Is there a way to overcome this "regular and stable income" clause?
delphiandomine 83 | 17,911
17 Jan 2016 #2
Nope. You need to earn at least 12xaverage monthly wage. The provision is in law, and only in very exceptional circumstances will they overlook it.

However, your business can employ two people on full umowa o prac─Ö contracts. That also meets the criteria.
Ksenia17 - | 5
2 Feb 2016 #3
Hi Daim,
There is a way to obtain residence permit, if only you are eager to pay taxes and accountancy fees. However, that will be different from self-employment and running your own entity. For solutions on residence permit and assistance in procedure please contact me.
Kabir2101 1 | 12
28 Mar 2016 #4
Hello All,

I need some information on the possibility of getting a temporary resident permit for Non-EU citizen, living in Poland on Dependant VISA.
I am from India and will be moving with my family to Poland by next month. |
My wife and kid have applied for the dependant visa at Embassy and will be travelling with me. they will be getting a VISA for first six months only (due to non availability of Travel insurance for more than 6 months). I have a job offer and the work permit from an organization in Poland.

Following are my questions :
1) Once we land in Poland how soon can we apply for resident permit (temporary) ?
2) What are the chances of getting the Temporary resident permit ?
3) Will it be applicable for the whole family or just for me, I mean will my wife and kid also get the temporary resident permit ?

4) Can they get the resident permit before the expiry date of their dependant VISA (in our case it will be six months) and live with me legally in Poland

A quick reply will be highly appreciated.
Thanks in Advance :)
Gruffler - | 6
29 Mar 2016 #5
Why don't you just pay yourself a salary? Seems like an easy fix if you own the business.

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