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UK National Insurance and Polish ZUS and tax issues

Magic Mike 1 | -
16 Dec 2012 #1

I am British yet I am resident and also work full time in Poland. I carry out all of my work in Poland and therefore my total income is from Poland. I would like to carry on paying my National Insurance contributions in the UK, but I need to get my Polish taxes in order.

It seems that it would be more beneficial to keep up my NI contributions and paying ZUS would be a waste.

I read a newspaper article (Dec 2012) which roughly stated the following…

After 20 years of paying the minimum social insurance in Poland / the UK:
ZUS in Poland: Pay £180 now & receive £120 pension per month
NI contributions in the UK: Pay £15 now & receive £600 pension per month

I have a couple of questions regarding tax in Poland/the UK:

1) Is it possible to be registered as self-employed in the UK yet receive all my income from Poland?
(I would pay my NI contributions in the UK and my income tax in Poland)

2) Do I only pay income tax in Poland if I have an A1 form?
(I understand that I can pay my NI contributions in the UK and am therefore exempt from paying ZUS in Poland)

Many thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Magic Mike
COSMAF 1 | 2
25 Jun 2013 #2
Merged: National Insurance Contributions in UK

Hi there.

I am working for an Irish Company but I was based and living in the UK for the past 3 years (from March 2010 until March 2013) and I was paying during all that time Taxes and NIC(National Insurance Contributions) in UK. Now I am leaving in Poland since end of March 2013 and the conditions of my contract changed and now I pay Taxes in Ireland but I am obliged to pay ZUS(the Social Security and Retirement) in Poland instead of paying in Ireland.

I would like to know if I can still continue pay voluntarily NIC to UK (even not having any work there anymore) so after when I retire I am entitled to some pension.

if I just should transfer what I paid to ZUS as I can't claim it back anyway. But at the same time, ZUS in Poland work really bad and pensions are really low so I don't know if it is worth it.

Maybe transfer the NIC to Ireland and start paying voluntarily Social security there because now I am paying tax there?Could this be possible?

I have no clue what is the best option. I intend to stay in Poland for long even if I change employer but I know that if you pay social security in Ireland for a minimum of 10 years you are entitled to the minimum pension after when you retire what is around 800€ a month what is much more than the average in Poland with ZUS.

If I decided to transfer the contributions to Poland what should I do? I looked in HMRC website but I can't find anything that it explains how to do it.

I am horrible with all this bureaucracy stuff and I seriously don't know what should I do. But I don't want that my 3 years of contributions go to waste too.

Can someone help? Or at least give some opinion about it?
I am lost completely
jon357 71 | 20,799
25 Jun 2013 #3
You don't say what your citizenship is or on what basis you were in the UK. For British people the possibility to continue paying exists and is very easy to sort out.
johnb121 4 | 184
25 Jun 2013 #4
As Jon says, the UK has several categories of national insurance contribution, one of which is Class 3 - voluntary.
Who can pay voluntary National Insurance contributions while abroad?

If you want to pay voluntary National Insurance contributions while abroad, either of the following conditions must apply:

you must have lived in the UK for a continuous three-year period at any time before making your payments
before you went abroad, you paid National Insurance contributions for three years or more

There are other criteria you will need to meet, depending on the class of contribution you want to pay. These are covered in the section 'What class of contribution to pay' below.

Comes from the HMRC website, specficially here :

You can't transfer contributions, as such. They're only effectively another tax, but one which at least buys you credits towards a fututre UK pension. Look, though, at reciprocal agreements. Also, check whether or not you were liable for UK NICs, not that you just paid them by your employer's mistake.
WielkiPolak 58 | 1,024
15 Nov 2015 #5
Merged: UK National Insurance for Polish person

Hi folks

I've had a request from somebody in Poland about getting the NI number in the UK. I know how it works here, if you live in the UK. You phone up, then they probably arrange an interview in most cases etc. The process can take a few weeks or months.

Is there any other way to do it though? Online maybe? Is there a way they could get the NI by providing all documents needed but without having to go to the UK for an interview?
Kennyboy 1 | 47
15 Nov 2015 #6
No chance. Why would anybody want a British NI number but continue living in Poland, let me see....... You would also have to provide your right to reside from British Immigration.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
15 Nov 2015 #7
IIs there a way they could get the NI by providing all documents needed but without having to go to the UK for an interview?

Nope, the interview is mandatory.
WielkiPolak 58 | 1,024
16 Nov 2015 #8
Hmmm not what I have been reading here
Vincent 9 | 940 Moderator
16 Nov 2015 #9
Hmmm not what I have been reading here

Have you seen the question in the FAQs on that page?

Can I apply from anywhere in the world?

No. You must be in the UK when you apply for an NI Number. However, a service can make sure everything required is set to go for your arrival.
Kennyboy 1 | 47
16 Nov 2015 #10
Currently, to qualify for a full UK state pension you have to have made approx. 35 to 36 years of contributions, I spoke to the tax office before I left, not sure where your getting the ''pay 15 pounds and get 600 per month pension''
WielkiPolak 58 | 1,024
16 Nov 2015 #11

It also says on that page that if you use a service that can sort a lot of for you, they may also be able to organise it so you can bypass the interview altogether.

Personally I'd think you'd have to meet with them face to face, but according to the site, it might not be necessary.

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