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How much is the maximum daily limit to withdraw zloty from ATM in PL.

27 Jan 2010 #1

I need to know how much is the daily limit of withdrawl from an ATM machine in warsaw.
I need to pay my fees which will be deposited in my EUR travel card. around 20000 zloty.

and also does banks charge here to deposit cash in some account, for example my fees like lets say 20000 zloty cash deposit in an account, does the bank charge me for the same?

please advise.

polomintz 2 | 46
27 Jan 2010 #2
well depends on the type of bank account u have and what rate of withdrawl your bank allows you to take out each day

like for example my bank account allows me 1500 zlt a day (roughly 300 pounds)

some banks do charge, if u have a bank account like mine which doesnt charge for withdrawls and deposits then u cant go wrong.
learn polish - | 46
27 Jan 2010 #3
polomintz is correct. It doesn't depend on the ATM, but on your own account settings.
jonni 16 | 2,485
27 Jan 2010 #4
learn polish

That's true. If you don't specify an amount with your bank, most have a default setting of a few thousand zl.

Banks don't charge to deposit money.
OP student_query
27 Jan 2010 #5
hello all, i have a EURO travel card, i have tried to withdraw 2000 zl once, and it allowed from pekao. Now this time i want 20000 zl and then deposit the same in my schools pekao account.

if it doesnt charge any money ..its great then maybe in 4-5 days i can take out the money and just deposit everything in one shot..yea?
jonni 16 | 2,485
27 Jan 2010 #6
You'll probably have to do it in three or four visits, but that's hardly a problem.
bullfrog 6 | 602
27 Jan 2010 #7
i have a EURO travel card

What is EURO travel card?
Cardno85 31 | 976
27 Jan 2010 #8
You'll probably have to do it in three or four visits, but that's hardly a problem.

Quite right. Also if you can contact your bank and ask them to extend your ATM withdrawal limit to the maximum (I know with WBK you can take out up to 10000zł every 24 hours). Keep in mind the withdrawal limit is not per cash machine, but per 24 hours, so if you can't get a high limit, it might be better to go into the branch and set up a transfer...could be quicker and easier. Not to mention safer than carrying around 20000zł in your pocket!
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595
27 Jan 2010 #9
Contact the bank who is responsible for your account, sometimes you can change the limit.
szarlotka 8 | 2,208
27 Jan 2010 #10
I assume this is a travel card that is either from Axis or an equivalent Indian bank. In which case it is in effect a prepaid Visa debit card. Will your university not accept payments via Visa debit as that would avoid carrying large sums of cash around Waraw. If they don't and insist on funds being lodged with their account then check with the issuing bank if you can extend the limit (if any as it IS prepaid) for your daily withdrawals. If i recall correctly there is an ATM usage fee of a couple of Eurios or so per transaction so best to minimise the number of ATM withdrawals.
OP student_query
27 Jan 2010 #11
hey you are absolutely correct, its an AXIS bank euro travel card, which is a prepaid debit, so it gives no info on which bank to be actually banked upon in any city in europe. Yea i need to pay some euro for every transaction..but that bearable.

the thing is i need to understand how much would be my maximum withdrawl limit for this card with PEKAO atm..

and then depositing the same money into my university (business school) PEKAO account.

if they charge money for 20000 zl deposit in fees..i will pay double. both for withdrawl and depositing, which i dont want ofcourse.

any ideas about these travel cards?
Cardno85 31 | 976
27 Jan 2010 #12
Will your university not accept payments via Visa debit

Now I see that it is a travel card (bit slow today) I would say the same as the bold Szarlotka here...I'm sure the finance department of the university must have a visa debit system in place.

If not I would got and see your student advisor, he might be able to talk to the finance department in the University and offer advice from there, there may be some precident and therefore, and easy solution :)
szarlotka 8 | 2,208
27 Jan 2010 #13
Agree with Cardno completeley on this. Phone the university and seee if they will take payment directly from your card. If you have to withdraw cash I would be surprised if the bank will make you pay for making a depoist into the university's account.
OP student_query
27 Jan 2010 #14
umm yea i checked with my university, there is no card payment,..:(

which bank atm des generally give the best exchange rates over ATM in euro - zloty case..? i have just tried PEKAO..they often fool around with exchange rates..any advise on where and which bank atm should i withdraw from?

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