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How long does it take for getting the "promise of work" from Polish Government?

msp4pol 2 | 3
12 Jul 2014 #1
Hello Friends,

I have finished my interviews with a company in Poland and they have sent my passport and certificates copies to Polish government for getting approval.

How long it takes for getting the "promise of work" from Polish Government ?
Is there any difficulty for company to get this approval from Polish Government?Because i am nearly waiting for one month :(

12 Jul 2014 #2
nearly waiting for one month

it's normal. By 3 months max you'll get the approval. It's usually that slow. I knew of this from a foreigner friend

wait.. sorry, i shouldn't state a certainty that they will approve, no, but there could be some reason they won't approve, maybe because they found a Polish person to do the job.
OP msp4pol 2 | 3
13 Jul 2014 #3
Thanks for the reply.

I have to wait if it is taking three months.
wppoland - | 5
13 Dec 2018 #4

From whom we receive the work-permit in Poland - employer or government?


I have an update that Poland government has issued my work-permit two weeks backs. But, till now I haven't received the hard-copy.

Can anybody tell me that once the work-permit is issued then it will go to employer or to candidate (new employee)?

It's very urgent for me to know.
13 Dec 2018 #5
to the employer
wppoland - | 5
17 Dec 2018 #6
My new employer send me the soft-copy of work-permit and offer letter. Does anyone having any idea whether Mumbai consulate can accept the print-out of those soft copies or not?

In the checklist, it is written that they confirm with the original one. So, I am little bit worried.

It's urgent my visa interview is in the 1st week of Jan 19.

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