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How do i locate a polish company?

22 Oct 2012 #1
Hello all,

I have been trying for several weeks to locate the manufacturer of the Twing 3 in 1 prams, all i know at this point is they are made in Poland. Can anybody give me any advice on how i would go about finding the company that makes them?

Thanks in advance!
jon357 71 | 19,944
22 Oct 2012 #2
I think they're imported to Poland by these people. If they're Polish-made then this firm may be able to advise:
23 Oct 2012 #3
Hmm, try this:
Company Name: Baby Stuff
Contact Person:Ms. Maria Zegar
Country/Region: Poland
Province/State: Dolnoslaskie
City: Sliwkowa
Street Address:Maria Zegar

Info from [] and then cross referenced here: [] and here [] appears to be well worth a look too.

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