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Landlord approval needed to drill wall for internet cable? Advice please

Seigard 1 | 9
9 Oct 2014 #1
Hello, so with my gf we moved in a nice small flat but we dont have internet, so we called UPC people to install internet, the dude comes over in 3-4 days anyway and when he did he told us we need a written approval from the landlord that he can put a hole in the wall for internet cable. So he left and still no internet, landlord is freaking tough to contact always away and stuff, and I dont even know if he'll allow it, I feel like he will be opposed to it just for the sake of it and at this point I'd like to know my right as a person who is paying rent. what can I tell him to speed up the process? Do I have any right in Poland like my landlord not providing things I need so I can **** off the contract for a year and leave right away, because there is no way I cant have internet for 1 year as a student. I would really really love some advices on this, if there are any other companies that wouldnt put a hole or need some landlord permission being the last option, if so let me know.

Thanks a lot in advance
GTO 3 | 22
9 Oct 2014 #2
I have a big drill you can borrow. and to fix it all, you go for some nice acryl fuga.
OP Seigard 1 | 9
9 Oct 2014 #3
I have a big drill you can borrow.

I cant tell if this was meant to be sexual

But if not, thank you, the drill isnt the problem I'm having, its that UPC needs landlord permission to drill the wall for internet cable and chance is high I wont get the permission due to landlord having minimum communication with us, he wont even send his bank account to us so we can pay, keeps delaying, I feel it is a bit shady but well, guess I'll see what's gonna happen.
OP Seigard 1 | 9
9 Oct 2014 #5
Having hard time following you mate
GTO 3 | 22
9 Oct 2014 #6
Well i guess if you take some photos (of where and why you need they need to drill) and tell him what the problem is. and let him contact a UPC technician that can explain him there wont be a problem.
OP Seigard 1 | 9
9 Oct 2014 #7
He wont even pick up the phone, I have to contact his daughter on facebook and she rarely takes action, been here for over 1 week now. I'm just wondering the things I can do in case he denies it according to law, or things I can do to get internet without a permission

Bump, in need of advice either of some law I can benefit or any internet company that wouldnt require such a hustle
terri 1 | 1,664
9 Oct 2014 #8
If an internet company (or anyone else) unlawfully drills in a wall belonging to the owner of a building, the owner has the right to sue the pants of the company, or in your case to also throw you outright out on the street for damaging his property. It is not your property - you are not the owner, you are only a tenant.

Your only recourse as a tenant, is to immediately get in touch with the owner, get his written permission and get the job done.
I don't understand why at the time of the rental, when you signed the rental agreement, you did not specify that you wanted an internet connection. The owner would be aware that you needed his written permission for the drilling and the connection of a cable and could have given it to you there and then.

I also assume that the owner has informed the tax authorities that he is getting an income from the rental of the property. If not - that could be your leverage (if you see what I mean).

Do not drill anything yourself - the internet company will ask you for the written permission. They will not connect you otherwise. No internet company will want to go to court for unlawfully drilling holes without the owners permission.

If you cannot sort this out - get another place already fitted with an internet connection. Simples!!!
Looker - | 1,114
9 Oct 2014 #9
No cable? If you have phone line in the flat just take Neostrada or Dialog - ADSL Internet - (a WiFi provider is also a solution)
GTO 3 | 22
11 Oct 2014 #10
Come on! live a bit on the edge. Drill!!!!

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