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Karta Pobytu interview... what do they ask?

applekaren 6 | 3
22 Feb 2011 #1
My husband (Polish citizen) and I will have the Karta Pobytu interview next month and we are wondering what type of questions they ask.

We got married in the USA and we've been married for almost 3 years.

They didn't tell me to take any papers to the interview, but should I take any just to be on the safe side? such as pictures and papers to proof relationship and stuff? I have no idea what this interview would be like.

Thanks in advance.
al111 13 | 89
22 Feb 2011 #2
Well you have no reason to worry if you guys have been married that long. They need to find out if you're in a genuine relationship and you will definately not need any papers for this if you're not comfortable in Polish yet you'll need a sworn in translator. Things they will ask are where and how you guys met and then of coz where and how you guys live here in Polska. Examples like what your place of residence looks like, where you keep certain things, who else lives with you, and personal things about your spouse and if you know each others inlaws. You don't have to know all the answers to the questions if you don't know don't guess or lie you will be interviewed in different rooms all they are looking for are certain things that have to match. Hope that helps and Powodzenia...
WhyMedSchool 6 | 35
23 Feb 2011 #3
I went through this with my wife last summer and the worst thing about it was having to pay for a translator, otherwise the interview is nothing you have to worry about as was mentioned. They asked us questions about each others families like if we knew the other siblings. They asked what we did over the weekend. They also asked what was the last gift I gave her and things like that. It's not going to be anything that will trip you up so I would not worry about it.
23 Feb 2011 #4
When I went for this about ten years ago, they asked what colour toothbrush does my wife have and I said to them what a stupid question as I don't watch her cleaning her teeth, but that was ten years ago and I guess things have changed.

There wasn't a requirement they either for a translator as they were meant to pay for that but they couldn't get hold of one so my wife translated, I swear she didn't give half the answers that I gave lol
OP applekaren 6 | 3
24 Feb 2011 #5
Thanks for all the answers! I'm glad to read I shouldn't be worried about it :)
The only thing I'm not sure is if they told us it must be a sworn translator... I think they told us it could be anybody we know, as long as the person is not from our family. We know somebody, but I'll double check if it can be anyone.

love_sunil80 14 | 127
24 Feb 2011 #6
It is an easy interview for couples who are genuinely married. Things they ask is usually about how you guys met how did you communicate, language of communication. When did your husband propose for marriage, date of engagement. About holidays together, Each others family members and there names, Description of house if he was at your place and where you live now, How did you guys spend your last weekend, Likes and dislikes. For you guys can be much easier as you are married for 3 years. You dont have to carry any documents or photos as they have already asked for what they need earlier. About interpretor depends from place to place, In Warsaw my friend took his brother in law, In Poznan & Szczecin they need professional interpretor. You need to confirm what they need exactly. They take interviews separately one by one and they want check if maximum number of your answers match with each other. Wish you best of luck :)
Marek11111 9 | 816
24 Feb 2011 #7
if you have bill with your and his name on it that will help
WhyMedSchool 6 | 35
24 Feb 2011 #8
I can confirm that in Poznan a sworn translator was required.
faraplayedhere - | 2
28 Jan 2013 #9
I had my Karta Pobytu applied and approved in Szczecin last year (July 2012) but I didn't have to have a professional translator. I just got a Polish friend who speaks English fluently (she's an English teacher in one of the schools here). So in Szczecin, all they need is someone who speaks English/Polish. Doesn't have to be a professional translator, for real. =)

To read on how I processed my Karta Pobytu, just search on google: Faraplayedhere because I can't type my blog's domain here. =)
sameer53 1 | 3
9 Feb 2013 #10
Hi friend i have a question I would Like to apply for Karta Stalego Pobytu. I am married with Polish Girls from years and I living In this country 6 years legally, now I would like to apply for karta stalego pobytu. and after karta stalego pobytu, How can I apply for Dowod .. Polish Id card. Can you Please tell me how to apply for id ..\
Hitslife - | 7
14 Jun 2015 #11
which other questions do they ask ?
Polsyr 6 | 769
14 Jun 2015 #12
They ask further questions based on the flow of conversation. It is more like a social interaction where one very curious person is asking questions based on your answers.

For example: Q: where did you meet? A: In London. Q: What were you doing in London? A: I was studying. Q: What were you studying? A: Medicine. Q: What branch of medicine? A. Neurology. Q. Why did you choose neurology? A. My dad is a neurologist and he talked me into it. Q. Does your dad still practice medicine? etc. Then they will repeat some or all of the same questions to the other spouse to cross reference the answers.

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