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karta pobytu for my husband (mexican national)

kesja 2 | -
5 Mar 2012 #1
Hello there,

Could you please tell me the process of applying for Karta Pobytu in Poland?
We are currently living in Mexico and thinking of coming back to Poland in 2 months. We need to know how to apply for his visa for work. Do you know if we need to apply for his visa or Karta Pobytu while we here or rather we need to do that in Poland?

Does the Karta Pobytu allow my husband to work in Poland?

Thanks in advance!
Alligator - | 261
5 Mar 2012 #2
I don't really know the procedures, but there were many threads about karta pobytu on polishforums. You should use browser on this site and read those threads, mayby you will find something useful there.

However the most accurate informations you will find in Polish embassy.
olito 6 | 53
13 Jun 2012 #3

he must apply for Karta Pobytu in Poland, and yes, he will automatically be allowed to work. Just let me tell you, that if he engages in recruitment processes it's better to have it already (most companies do not want to risk hiring people without legal permit to work).

It is a bureaucratic procedure, but if your marriage is legitimate, you should not have any problem. The whole process takes around 2 months, since you apply until you have the KP in your hands. The treatment of bureaucrats is usually nicer in Wojewodzki with smaller amounts of foreigners (i.e. Podlaskie, Lubelskie), the worst treatment you will get is in Warsaw (they have seen any nationality and trick existing).

Good luck, its takes a lot of patience to get legal, adapted and to get a decent job...

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