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Information regarding Polish Work Permit

11 Feb 2012 #1
I am am Indian Citizen. I got my work permit on 17th of feb2011 and I submitted my File on 31st May 2011 means after 104 days.

later on my visa was refused and when i enquired, i came to know that work permits have validity of only Three months while i submitted my file after that this is why my visa is refused.

I contacted my lawer. he is saying that this rule came into effect only after 1st August 2011.

can any one tell me that when this rule came into effect.

22 Feb 2012 #2
plz any body help brother in poland possibile a get a documents because he is a without documents.plz any body help me email modena0059@yahoo
Kabir2101 1 | 12
11 Dec 2015 #3
Merged: Information about VISA/work permit/dependent Visa

Hello All,

I am about to get the work permit (Type D) from a non Polish employer in Katowice following which I will be applying Visa at the Embassy of Republic of Poland in my country (India)

My queries are following:
1) What kind of VISA I am supposed to get with Type D work permit ?

2) If it's National D Visa can I apply the dependent visa (for my wife and kid) along my own Visa application? If NOT then how soon I can apply the same after arriving in Poland ?

3) What kind of Visa will be applicable for my wife and kid if I wish to keep them with me as long as the duration of my work permit/Visa in Poland?

Please suggest, its a bit urgent !!

Hello All,

Is there anyone who can please answer my query, it's really urgent?

Thanks in Advance :)
mokasha 3 | 18
15 Apr 2017 #4

Work Permit for Foreigner Conditions


Does anyone know what are the conditions for granting/approving a work permit for foreigners (non-EU) other than providing an evidence that no suitable local/Polish candidate was found for the job?

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