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"Good" Polish Bank ?

macyst 2 | 11
26 Apr 2012 #1
Hello I am goign to live in poland and I don't trust my country's bank anymore. They recently made me pay twice a transaction I made with a debit card (they multiplied the ammount by 2). French banks are broke. Since poland don't have the euro, I guess it is a little safer right? What is the history of bans in poland? Has it ever had bank runs, collapes, things like that ?

Olaf 6 | 956
26 Apr 2012 #2

In mid nineties there was some bank(s?) that collapsed, but I believe the ones that are now are safe.
I can recommend BZ WBK, Kredyt bank or Alior bank. Good service (usually English speaking) and I had no problems such as you described.
OP macyst 2 | 11
26 Apr 2012 #3
Ok ok perfect. Thank you.
Ironside 51 | 11,337
26 Apr 2012 #4
Polish Bank ?
phtoa 9 | 236
26 Apr 2012 #5
Id def. recommend Nordea.
International bank, especially strong in the nordic conutries.
Offers excellent service.
jon357 70 | 19,612
26 Apr 2012 #6
Me too. I use them and they are excellent.
jwojcie 2 | 763
26 Apr 2012 #7
Nordea is not bad, but their system for internet banking is terrible. You need to put those pin numbers even for login which is quite irritating. Beside, internal transfers take them even one day (WTF?). For example MBank is much better in this regard, hell even PKOBP has better system than Nordea... On the other hand I must say that "face to face" service in Nordea is quite good. But how many times you are going to the bank this days? Internet service is a main thing... at least for me.
jon357 70 | 19,612
26 Apr 2012 #8
Nordea is not bad,

I never had any problem with their internet service - you can do a lot on it and the pin codes are optional - they offer a choice of authentication methods.
jwojcie 2 | 763
26 Apr 2012 #9
is there any other way than pin code or electronic signature?
jon357 70 | 19,612
26 Apr 2012 #10
Yes. You can use a token. I preferred to use a one time pad though.
jwojcie 2 | 763
26 Apr 2012 #11
Thx, I'll check this out. Is it charged additionally?
jon357 70 | 19,612
26 Apr 2012 #12
The tokens? i don't know, I always used the one time pads where you scratch off the numbers.
wawa_marek 1 | 129
27 Apr 2012 #13
The best bank is PKO BP, because of highest capital and domectic (mostly) owners. They charge their customers higher then others, but in case of any crisis even ver bad this bank will survive. This info is from my frind working at international bank in Poland. I don't have an account in PKO BP, because I don't have deposits to keep in it, but I used their internet service at work. Comparing to some others is 8/10.
jon357 70 | 19,612
27 Apr 2012 #14
One problem with PKO BP is the customer service - it sucks. It's certainly a large bank, not least because of the massive deposits, however all banks in Poland are bonded and most are at least partly foreign owned - - and unlikely to crash. I've used PKO BP and wasn't particularly satisfied.
pantsless 1 | 267
27 Apr 2012 #15
ive had experience with bz wbk, mbank, pko bp and pekao (the one with the bison logo)

pko bp was the worst in terms of service, fees, relatively slow bank transfers but its cash machines are everywhere
pekao i dont remember it was so long ago, but my girlfriend has her acct there and is content
mbank - excellent customer service, excellent website (although very dated looking), fast bank transfers and overall low fees. a number of customizable options which i appreciated. not a physical bank bank. cheap debit/credit cards though, as in low quality

bz wbk - customer service ok, suffers like most banks from long waits, delays and bureaucracy. i have a free account there so i still use it but i use my mbank acct more often

anecdotal evidence of course
michawindy - | 2
29 Apr 2012 #16
but which back can called ( international bank ) ??
mean that i can use this bank in Germany for example to save ,transfer and online customer service be normal in Germany like in Poland ??
Nicdup - | 1
20 Aug 2012 #17
Alior NO WAY,run away.
Always a problem when you need to find someone who speak in english at the desk.( and I tried a few one in Warsaw !!!)
Phone helpdesk: last time I used,I had to make 9 calls, losing in total 1h35 min to get a guy speaking english, and after many question from him to identify the customer the answer to my question was" I can t help you, you must go to an Alior agency", I asked my question at the begin of converstaion !!!

Credit for house, very expensive, the marge for the bank is very very high.
Friendly and customer mind?this words have been removed from the Alior bank policy, and I suppose they are punished if they do so.
The only good think is internet banking.

So I look now to run out of there...
20 Aug 2012 #18
Always a problem when you need to find someone who speak in english at the desk.( and I tried a few one in Warsaw !!!)

Strange, last time I went to an Alior branch they had at least three people who spoke English.

Phone helpdesk: last time I used,I had to make 9 calls, losing in total 1h35 min to get a guy speaking english

Also rather strange, given that the IVR is in English.
ashywildflower 1 | 9
22 Aug 2012 #19
BGZ is the bank of my husband and we haven't had any problems with our transactions. They always help us with any questions we might have and have a 24 hour service on the phone. Not all of the employees speak English but there is always someone that does.

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