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freight costs, any clue?

21 Mar 2011 #1

Could anyone throw some light on freight costs , off gdansk port to maybe warszawa. for 1 ton? Just for my understanding. Or maybe for Poznan.

Weight would be much more, making 1 ton an unit.

Wroclaw Boy
21 Mar 2011 #2
Ive been making some inquiries recently PL to UK, ive had quotes for my small load from £2000 international companies to as little as £300 small Polish companies.

The size is more a factor than the weight, heres some of my search results in Polish, try some of these.,tcebid_info/baid,909301245233335/
OP freight.enquiry
21 Mar 2011 #3
Thanks Wroclaw Boy

What i meant was, after my shipment reaches poland at gdansk port, i need to further take it to poznan and warsaw, so was wondering truck transportation costs from gdansk port to Poznan city and warszawa.

i am thinking of importing cement etc, so cbm will be normal , in PP sacks.

Any clues?

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