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Do foreign students graduated from Polish university need work permit before finding job?

26 Jan 2012 #1
foreign students graduated from polish university(bachelor) need work permit before finding job? if yes,what kind of documents to be prepared?
hythorn 3 | 580
26 Jan 2012 #2
I take it that you studied the course in English?

your sentence construction is utterly bonkers

you are not going to be able to get a work permit unless you have a job offer.

it is very unlikely that you are going to find an employer willing to jump through hoops in order to obtain a work permit for you

did your university promise you a job at the end of your course?
this seems to be standard operating practice with many Polish universities in order to 'sucker in' overseas students

where is home by the way?
OP johnson2
26 Jan 2012 #3
i dont know why u sound so mean,as expats in poland should help each other instead of hurt each other,right? in my city,i found many foreigners around the world live in harmony and get on well each other too, btw, i guess u are from UK right
hythorn 3 | 580
26 Jan 2012 #4
I am not being mean at all

I am telling you the reality of applying for a work permit in Poland with no job secured

if someone was mean, they would lie and tell you that you are guaranteed to find a job and that it is really easy to find work in the Polish city which

you neglected to tell us that you are living in, That way you would blow all your money chasing after a job that you could not possibly

hope to get as no one is going to sponsor your work permit. Sad, broke and dejected you would then have no other option but to return to

your home country

rather than do that, I chose to tell you the reality of the situation and you then have the adacity to call me mean

I was in fact trying to help but you do not seem to realise that
OP johnson2
26 Jan 2012 #5
i didnt mean that, if it really is like what u said, then expats in poland mostly will go home? obviously it doesnt match the reality
hythorn 3 | 580
26 Jan 2012 #6
there is a big difference between an expat and a recent graduate. The foreign expats working in big business over in Poland have been sent here by their firms and many work at senior management level. You are looking for an entry level position. there is a world of difference.

please answer some basic questions then I might be able to help more

1 city you are in at the moment?
2 what course did you do?
3 home country?
4 do you speak Polish?

that way I might be able to give you some practical advice
OP johnson2
26 Jan 2012 #7
my major is english, i wanna work in wroclaw,or lodz,poznan, intermediate polish
hythorn 3 | 580
26 Jan 2012 #8
you seem to be ducking the question about your country of origin and your first post contained some absolute grammatical whoppers

good luck
OP johnson2
26 Jan 2012 #9
coz i typed fast,besides people can understand what i said,i am not having english exam
3 May 2012 #10
Merged: question about foreign students and working permit

is it true that after graduation from polish uni with a bachelor degree,u can find job without working permit?
terri 1 | 1,664
4 May 2012 #11
NO, it is not. It all depends on what nationality you are.
Warszawette - | 128
8 May 2012 #12

Only people from other UE countries may work in Poland. The others need to find employers in Poland, who need to prove the Ministry of Labor that no Pole or no resident can do the work so better to forget it. I know that at least very recently (now I don't know) such work permit needed to be re-applied for every year.

There are plenty of countries more attractive in terms of salaries and economic conditions so no need to struggle in Poland (unless stuck for personal matters).
16 Apr 2014 #13
I am from India(City - Chennai). I have around 4 years work experience with Cognizant (a Business Solutions company which has branches all over the world). I want to quit and pursue the M.Sc. International Business and Management (Double Degree) at Kozminski University - I want to know what are oppurtunities we have after this M.Sc degree. My ultimate aim is to find a Management oriented job in one of the European Contries.
DominicB - | 2,709
16 Apr 2014 #14
I want to know what are oppurtunities we have after this M.Sc degree

No better that with a M.Sc. degree from a good Indian university. Sorry to burst your bubble, but studying in Poland is not an easy way to enter the European Union labor force. If you can't study in Western Europe or in an English-speaking country, your best bet is to study at home in India.
5 May 2016 #15
why polish universities are inviting indian students if there are issues with work permit?
terri 1 | 1,664
5 May 2016 #16
Polish Universities want to earn money from international students. That is all.
They are NOT concerned whether you get a job or not after you finish. It is not THEIR problem. In the same way they are not concerned whether Polish nationals get a job after they finish their studies.
Szalawa 2 | 243
5 May 2016 #17
Universities want to earn money from international students

True, a case that is becoming more apparent across the world, not just Poland
mafketis 35 | 10,704
5 May 2016 #18
It's a case of universities turning from institutions of higher education preparing people for professional work in the country of the university to an international profit making schemes. It's purely disgusting.

Classes in English where this is not the language of the country are a big symptom of that. It's not about education it's about turning Asian student cash cows into hamburgers.
Szalawa 2 | 243
5 May 2016 #19
Very true mafketis, at the end of the day no one forced these students to attend these universities however I do agree that these practices seem to hinder educational quality. A problem has been identified, now the question is how to fix it.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
5 May 2016 #20
As it takes two for a tango, aren't those "students" also to blame? They are so naive that such jerky schools take advantage of them. As all these jerky schools have hard times to recruit among Poles as their studies and diplomas are useless, they simply fool naive guys from Africa and Asia selling them BS.

This is as old as the world, just making money out of the naive and feeble!
Pakistan_Lahore - | 19
6 May 2016 #21
Graduated from Polish university! what did you study there? If you can speak English, I will suggest you to come to England. Here is 1000 times better than in Poland.
colourlesslight - | 5
14 Mar 2017 #22
I'm from the U.S. and I did my MA in Lublin (the degree is in Philosophy). I was able to apply for a special temporary residence permit for the year subsequent to finishing my degree (and was also granted the ability to work without a work permit). I am about to renew my temp. residence card -- do I also need to apply for a work permit?

To the question "Who may work in Poland without a work permit?" one website answers:

... is a graduate of Polish secondary schools, or has completed full time studies (tertiary education), or full-time doctoral studies at Polish universities and scientific and research institutions.

Does this mean that I do not need to apply for a work permit?

Thanks in advance.
DominicB - | 2,709
14 Mar 2017 #23
The only answer that counts is the one you would get by asking at the Foreigners Office at the Provincial Headquarters. They are the one making the decision.
Bieganski 17 | 896
14 Mar 2017 #24
I did my Philosophy)

How can you help make a business in Poland grow or become more profitable with your MA in Philosophy?

Oh, I think you answered that:

and was also granted the ability to work without a work permit

Still on the job hunt, huh?

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