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Exchanging a foreign / international driver's license to Polish ...

applekaren 6 | 3
2 Apr 2011 #1
(I'm sorry I posted the same question in the wrong place!)

I still have my home country's driver's license valid (Brazilian) and also have the American valid, but none of them are International.
Is it possible to get the Polish one without having to go through all the tests? Somebody told me once he had his home country's driver's license expired and because of this he had to go through all the process, besides paying the price for it, thousands of PLN.

So would I be able to get my Polish license easier? I do have the residence permit.

My Brazilian license expires in August 2011 and the American, in November 2012.
If I still can use the American, even though it's not my home country, could I use until almost is expired and then get the Polish one?
3 Apr 2011 #2
You can get a polish license by passing a written test the validity if the license will be the validity of the license you surrender american or beat the system you would require a medical doctors certificate to renew your polish license for unlimited time priod of time(FOREVER)
5 Apr 2011 #3
hi as a Brazilian i exchange my brazilian without any test i went to urząd miasta where i live and did normal application like polish drive license,they send a fax to brazilian consulate,to see if my driving was real and that it's i got a normal polish drive license,it came with date to expire the same my brazilian before expire i went to renew it now i have driving license polish for good i don't need to renew again.hope i helped you good luck.
13 Jun 2011 #4
Hello guys

I am Brazilian and live in London with my polish wife.
I want to go to Poland and exchange my /brazilian Driving Licence to a Polish driving Licence.
Does any one know if I need to be registered as I am living in Poland, also how long it would take?

Please if any information will help


My e-mail address is raulzitomm@hotmail
clifborder4fm 20 | 35
28 Feb 2012 #5
Merged: International Drivers License while temporarily living in Poland

Hey guys I want to get a termporary drivers license in Poland. How can I do this? I am already here and I heard in the U.S. only AAA can issue one but there are many websites that claim they can provide one but the only thing those websites do is translate your current license into Polish, so wouldn't I just be able to translate my American prawo jazdy into Polish?
sa11y 5 | 331
28 Feb 2012 #6
You might be able to translate your license by sworn interpreter, then you would have to carry original and translation. Some countries accept this, not sure about Poland. Check in Ministry of Transport(Ministerstwo Transportu, Wydzial Komunikacji)
delphiandomine 88 | 18,322
28 Feb 2012 #7
wouldn't I just be able to translate my American prawo jazdy into Polish?

No. You need a specific document called an IDP - and as you already know, only the AAA can issue one for an American licence.

There's no other way, unless you choose to exchange your US licence for a Polish one and pass the theory test. Even then, it isn't a certainty that they will exchange it - it depends on whether your licence conforms to certain international standards. Poland is rather strict on this.

Contact the local WORD for more details.
Manar 1 | 5
10 Sep 2012 #8
Merged: I have a Jordanian driving licence, what do I need to drive in Poland?


I have a Jordanian driving licence , what do I do that I can drive in Poland ?! do I get an international driving licence ?and does it take me to take a test then ?

and if I wanted to take some driving lessons (if i were to take a test) how much would it cost for a lesson ?
WielkiPolak 58 | 1,024
10 Sep 2012 #9
what do I do that I can drive in Poland ?

Forget what you know about the rules of the road because out on the roads in Poland, you're on your own.
Hassan Kourdi - | 1
26 Jan 2017 #10
I have expired syrian driving license and because the war in syria I could not renew it and I have also an expired international driving license

I have residence for one year in France. may I can apply for EU driving license in Poland even with money..anybody have answer please ?
27 Jan 2017 #11
No, because you don't live in Poland. You have to live here for at least 6 months before you can apply. You would also have to pass a test since Syria is not on the list of countries whose driving licenses can be exchanged without it.
sajan kahn - | 2
20 Jun 2018 #12

Re: Welcome to PolishForums!

I am from Pakistan and I have Swedish nationality. I have moved from Sweden to Poland for almost a year here and I have a Pakistani license, I can switch to Poland license?with out any test?

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