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English man marrying Polish woman in church - no marriage certificate?

Tclarke187 1 | -
31 May 2017 #1
I am booked to get married with my fiancé in Poland , everything with church is done .
We are living and working in england together and will be returning for work after our wedding to live in england a few years more ,

My fiancé says that in a polish church wedding we get No marriage certificate , and that nobody in Poland gets any papers to prove they are married and we do not get to keep the original marriage certificate ?

I cannot believe this is true if so how do I prove in england that she is my wife and how do I get these papers ?

Thank you for any help :)
idem - | 132
31 May 2017 #2

I don't know if it is any help but I was in similar situation.It was a bit of hassle.

We got married first in registry office in UK- I got certificate translated in Poland and registered in polish registry office. Then we had marriage in church as I remember priest even asked me for this certificate....not sure why maybe they worry that they do not have control over international marriages and someone can be already married ...
DominicB - | 2,709
1 Jun 2017 #3
My fiancé says that in a polish church wedding

Depends on the church in question. For most mainstream churches operating in Poland, a church marriage is automatically recognized by the state without the need for a separate civil ceremony.

"In Poland, the marriage rite conducted according to the traditions of some religions can be recognized and registered by the civil registry office (USC) without having to enter into a separate civil marriage. This is the so-called concordat marriage. The following churches and religious associations can conduct valid concordat marriages:

1. The Catholic Church, including the Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Uniate and Neo-Uniate and Armenian Churches,
2. The Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church,
3. The Lutheran Church,
4. The Reformed Church,
5. The Evangelical Methodist Church in Poland,
6. The Baptist Church,
7. The Seventh Day Adventist Church,
8. The Mariavite Church,
9. The Pentecostal Church,
10. The Polish Catholic Church,
11. The Union of Jewish Communes."

As for a marriage certificate, yes, of course you get one. And the UK is bound by treaty to recognize it as valid.
DominicB - | 2,709
1 Jun 2017 #4
Also, the Roman Catholic Church is forbidden by treaty from performing non-civil weddings (except in extremely limited bizarre circumstances that need to concern you). All Catholic marriages in Poland are both religiously and civilly valid.

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