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Driving Licence in Warsaw - how many times? (foreigners)

bata_flai 2 | 1
13 Feb 2012 #1
Hi guys (and gals),

I have been looking for information about passing the driving test in Warsaw, but with little success.
I am currently enrolled with Imola, and all the formalities are clear and simple.

But has any of you here actually past the driving test in Warsaw? How many tries? Are they more strict with foreigners? I read polish people pass easy (lucky ones) or after a very long time (11-13 tries in extreme cases).

delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
13 Feb 2012 #2
I passed first time in Poznan, as a foreigner.

They will be fair and honest with you - the test is recorded on four cameras, as well as a microphone inside the car. For that reason, they will be absolutely fair - they aren't more or less strict with foreigners. If someone has failed 10 times - then they were likely a terrible driver.

Just drive properly and don't give them a reason to fail you.
lookingfor - | 1
2 Apr 2013 #3
I have passed driving licence in second trial. I was in LINIA driving school in the center of Warsaw. Good instructor, everything well explained. Highly recommend.

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