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Documents to get married to my Polish girlfriend

Giddyup 2 | 7
15 Feb 2013 #1
Hi all.

I wanna get marry soon my Polish girlfriend, and I'm working now to get a documents good and let it translate it good.
Last week I was in the town hall and they told me that I need to show them my id-card, birth certificate (translated in Polish) and zaświadczenie o zdolności prawnej do zawarcia związku małżeńskiego poza granicami kraju.

The last document is a problem. There is in the country where I come from (Holland) no document what shows that I can marry outside of Holland.

I got now two documents that I let translated. My birth certificate and a document of my currently living place and my civil status. See screenshot.

Will this documents be enough to get married in Poland? Or do I've go to the embassy to get the right document? I hope that somebody can tell me the answer.
smurf 39 | 1,981
16 Feb 2013 #2
Best thing to do is call the Dutch Embassy, they'd know what to do.
OP Giddyup 2 | 7
16 Feb 2013 #3
I contacted them in Warszawa and Gdańśk. They told me that they not can give me the answer because the town hall needs to decide if the documents are good and the embassy not.

Embassy can only give me a approval paper that I can marry in case if my documents are not good. I'm suposed to bring the documents tuesday/wednesday to the town hall but maybe somebody else know the answer already ;-)
Polsyr 6 | 769
17 Feb 2013 #4
The document they are asking for (basically a marriage license naming both spouses) does not exist in all countries. If you are from a country where this document does not exist, then you will need to apply for a special approval from a judge to accept your documents on the basis that this document does not exist in your country. You need to show the judge a recent letter from your embassy (or back home) stating that your country does not issue such a document. The judge will (usually) grant this approval, however, how long it takes depends on where you apply. Of course, all documents must be in Polish and attested.

Alternatively, you might find it easier to go get married in another country. As far as I know, easiest country in EU to get married in is Cyprus, and the document format they issue is compatible with most EU countries.
OP Giddyup 2 | 7
18 Feb 2013 #5
I read about this and Holland gives this document. Most of the time ppl from USA needs to go to the court.
18 Feb 2013 #6
One thing to remember, get certified copies of anything you wanna keep. The Polish registrar's office will keep anything you give them. It's theirs'.
OP Giddyup 2 | 7
18 Feb 2013 #7
Oh really? Will they not make a copy of the documents?
18 Feb 2013 #8
They didn't for my marriage certificate and my daughter's American birth certificate. They want originals or certified originals at the least. And any copies are up to you to make.
OP Giddyup 2 | 7
21 Feb 2013 #9
Yeah it's true they take all your documents for their administration etc..
I only have to go to the dutch consul in Gdańsk for a last paper and they only work 2 hours per day, 3 days per week (6 hours per week!!) so short...

Do you have to make a appointment to go there? I already send them scanned documents what they need and still no response... or better try to call tomorrow morning?
cldagy 5 | 16
4 Jun 2016 #10
Merged: Help with polish marriage

I'm a mexican 26yr marrying my polish girlfriend. We called the polish embassy and they said all I need is birthcertificate translated to polish and my passport.

But I just came across that I also need a certificate of bachelor???? Wtf ******** is this??? That I need to proof I havent marry before.

Someone please advice if you know about it.

Merged: Mexican marrying polish in poland

We called the embassy and they told us that i all i need is birthcertificate and passport.

But now i read somewhere that i need certificate of bachelor to prove i havent marry before. Can someone please explain this ridiculous paper??
istannbullu34 1 | 105
6 Jun 2016 #11
You have to have that paper, or they will not accept your application to take marriage, i think you can take it from a local office in Mexico or if you are in Europe/Poland from Mexican embassy you can take it, it should state all data of yours like names, birthdate and so on which will prove your identity on the paper and it should show your marital status single, divorced or whatever. And it should be on a `international paper` - this is kind of paper that has expalanations on the paper for various languages. Then you will have to translate it from a sworn translator from `Poland` - I mean a translator who works in Poland, they do not trust translations you bring from different countries.

If you are to take these from embassy, as you called them actually they should know this procedure, call them and tell them you need this paper to prove you are not married in Mexico, if they need any documents from you to go and ask for this `marital status ` certificate.- actually it is not stupid as they should be sure that you are not married to anyone else back in your country.

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