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Cyber law advice for Ebay dispute in EU (foreign expat with poor Polish)

22 Jun 2014 #1
Dear everyone in Poland,

I am having dispute on transaction. I have purchased the article via from the seller from France. The payment was the bank transfer which wasn't (now I found) covered by ebay money gurantee. However, the seller from France assured the refund if I didn't like it. Unfortunately It wasn't as described, so returned it as directed by right away. Guess what? Once returned she sold it to others and NO contact. Actually she is very active seller even at this moment selling like all the time. But no response from her ever since last email 29th may,said she was waiting for the response from ebay.

I have tried over 2 months contact or From the UK ebay said that seller would be contacted by ebay and ask the seller to refund immediatedly. NO nothing happened whatsoever besides she does business freely even though I reported the article and the seller. Seems to me that ebay wouldn't care as long as they got the fee from the seller.

I have decided to do police report and lawsuit. I'm just wondering if there is anyone out there to help me with cyber law or something? As a foreign expat with poor Polish

I'm lost where to start.
I have all evidence of this transaction and emails from the seller, No telephone number for the seller( which is wrong),only seller's name and return address

Please any advice
bullfrog 6 | 602
22 Jun 2014 #2
I have purchased the article via from the seller from France.

What has this got to do with Poland?
SueK - | 2
22 Jun 2014 #3
I reside in Poland, I guess I should make a police report in local police department. Just don't know where and how.
Roger5 1 | 1,455
22 Jun 2014 #4
What has this got to do with Poland?

Nothing, as far as I can see. My wife got a police report when she had a problem with an allegro seller (problem solved ten minutes after she told him), but Sue needs to keep complaining to
hapstad - | 13
23 Jun 2014 #5
I hate to discourage you but the Polish police aren't going to do anything about's hard enough getting them to address local issues that have tangible damage involved. I think getting them to even document it would be a struggle but if you want to try as it can't hurt to have one more official document supporting you, just go to the nearest station (if you don't speak Polish well take someone who does as it is hit and miss on English) and speak to the desk officer. Also any civil suit wouldn't take place in a Polish court just because you reside there.

Personally I would consult an attorney as it's an EU civil issue and can be complicated. As I understand it the police report should be filed in the country the seller is in or selling through, but I am not a lawyer so don't take my word for it.

Contact map for the police...don't know what city you live in:,Jednostki-Policji.html
SueK - | 2
23 Jun 2014 #6
I appreciate it. It is quite amount of money stolen.

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