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Court date for marriage document exemption

LHR777 5 | 10
28 Mar 2017 #1
I am getting married in Poland later this year and I understand that I need to provide a document that indicates I am free to marry.

My government does not issue such a document has posted the following advice:

[...] you must petition the Regional Court at the place of residence of the Polish fiancé(e). You will have to obtain court appointment, which can take several weeks. When you have your appointment at court, you can present our letter as the reason you need to be released. The decision will be made the same day and it becomes final after three weeks. Since you cannot be married until one month after you have registered at the marriage office, you should register at the time you begin the process of obtaining the release.

Can I make an appointment at the court to obtain a release now even though I'm not getting married for several months? Does the decision expire? I don't quite understand how to arrange the timing of everything, particularly this court appointment and the registration process (despite the last sentence).

delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
28 Mar 2017 #2
Does the decision expire?

Yes, in general, documents are only valid for 3 or 6 months in Poland. It would be best to follow the process as they have outlined, as it's based on their experience and knowledge of the system. There's really no reason to do it any other way, as you can visit the USC on the same day as you get the initial decision from the court.
OP LHR777 5 | 10
28 Mar 2017 #3
Thank you very much for the prompt reply.

I definitely want to follow the advice my government has issued. I didn't quite understand the last sentence but your reply has clarified it.

Basically, I need to request the exemption at the court and then register on the same day. This is convenient since this will reduce the amount of travel required. This should be done two to three months before the date of the wedding because the documents expire.

The only "complicated" part is actually arranging coinciding appointments with each body and hiring a translator. I will ask my future mother in law for help.

Would hiring a lawyer simplify the organisation of everything?

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