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Consumer credit rating from US to PL/EU

stallion 3 | 15
14 Dec 2010 #1
When moving to PL/EU is there a way to have the credit rating from the US used when getting a loan in PL/EU or does the whole credit rating start from scratch again?
convex 20 | 3,978
14 Dec 2010 #2
Not that I know of. Polish banks will usually look at your current ability to repay, not your past credit worthiness.
15 Sep 2011 #3
Merged: Are Polish Bank willing to look at foreign Banks when looking for Credit Rating?

To the all the well experienced travelers of Poland & Non-Poland systems. I was wondering if any one had any experience with Polish Banks and Non Polish banks record communications.

I planing to set up a Residence and all ready have my Passport and Id Card. But currently my I receive my Income from Shears I own in Family Business.

My simple stupid Question to ask will Polish Bank accept Over seas bank statement as proof of Income. When opening an account and proving a Credit Rating.

Or do they only look at other Polish Banks :(

Thank you for anybody stories related to this matter.
16 Sep 2011 #4
The SHEARS (shares) you derive your income from can be considered in Poland for your credit ratings.I dont know about any other country but your income in USA can be obtained by banks through credit rating agencies and can be manipulated as well.In my case they just trusted my tax forms
16 Sep 2011 #5
Thank you for the reply. You are right. They do accept my tax reports with all the other documents I provided them. Finally found a use for paying taxes. :)

Na razie
Tonyd 5 | 17
18 Nov 2014 #6
Merged: Credit rating in Poland

I have poor credit here in America. This is due to an ex girlfriend stealing my credit card and running up charges.

If I move to Poland and live there (non citizen) for a few years.....can I apply for a Polish credit card?

Do the Polish banks pull my American credit report, or is the slate wiped clean in Poland?
Monitor 14 | 1,820
18 Nov 2014 #7
I think you're clean. But that would also mean that you may not get any credit card at the beginning, or just one with low limit.
jon357 72 | 21,047
18 Nov 2014 #8
Do the Polish banks pull my American credit report

No. It's totally different in Europe.

or is the slate wiped clean in Poland?

So no slate to wipe clean. You'll find that credit scoring isn't as big a part of life. There's a register of debtors (debts within Poland) that a bank would check against, however they'd only really be interested in you having an income and legal residency.

You'll find that people use debit cards more than credit cards. People do get loans, however there is much less of a credit culture in PL.
Tonyd 5 | 17
10 Dec 2014 #9
Merged: Does my American credit history follow me into Poland? Polish banks and credit cards

If I as an American move to Poland....and I try to apply for a Polish credit card, or a line of credit through the Polish banks...

Does my American credit history follow me into Poland?
cms 9 | 1,255
10 Dec 2014 #10
Yes normally it would.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
10 Dec 2014 #11
Credit history in Poland is not so important as in USA. Except if you want to take a mortgage.
pigsy 7 | 305
10 Dec 2014 #12
Credit history in Poland is becoming important.Also if one doesnt declare his/her tax returns Poles care less then.its always good to declare ones income in Poland as it sure does help obtaining credit.Now in Poland the banks do have credit history database,but mainly for people who have obtained credit that includes for personal loans and for appliances etc .

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