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UK connected flights and Karta Pobytu (non-EU country)

Canguder 2 | -
2 Mar 2013 #1
Hello everyone! I am currently a student in Poland. I am from a non-EU country. I do not have any visa or something else other than Karta Pobytu. I want to book a ticket to Spain but the flight is UK connected. Can I just go to UK with using Karta Pobytu even if I am not a Polish citizen? I will show them my 2nd ticket which proves that in next 24 hours I have a flight to Spain.

I am looking forward to get an answer from the people who have experienced this situation before. Thanks in advance.

Sunny Girl 1 | 17
7 Mar 2013 #2
As far as I know documents that allow you to stay in Poland will allow you to go to any country within Schengen. UK is not in Schengen. So if your nationality needs a visa to the UK then no matter if you have documents to stay in Poland, or you will only stay at the airport, they don't care. When you enter the UK the first question will be where is your UK visa.

Even if you have a transfer flight, they don't care. They just check your nationality. If you need a visa to enter the UK, then for transfer you also need it. My Chinese friend with Schengen student visa had the same problem. We went to China together and had few hours transfer in London. One ticket bought directly to China but we had to change planes in London and she had to have a transfer visa.

Transfer visa is different than a visa to visit UK. It is easy to get it. You need to show your ticket in the UK consulate or embassy and maybe also some proof that you have enough money to travel.

Or other option:
Why not take Ryanair plane? They have direct connection between Poland and Spain.

Don't make your life difficult. People in the UK are quite strict, and you will also have to spend your time to go to the embassy and pay for the transfer visa.
14 Sep 2014 #3
I have the same situation: non-EU citizen, with Polish Karta Pobytu. Will I need a visa to visit UK? (I am not transferring, I want to visit)

Thanks in advance
Gaucho 2 | 49
18 Sep 2014 #4
Yes, Karta Pobytu is only for POLAND. Not even for the other Schengen countries, though they rarely ask for anything as there's practically no border controls.

So, depending what passport you have, you'd need visa for UK. Many countries get an automatic free visa at arrival, e.g. US citizens get 6 months free visa for tourism or business.
22 Jan 2015 #5
hello Every1..I am non-Eu national ,i am married here in Poland since 3 years ..i have karta pobytu for 3 years..we both looking to move UK for work i need visa and if yes so what kind of visa i need ..thank you !!
ryszardsys - | 7
22 Jan 2015 #6
As the other posters say, the UK is not in Schengen so a visa for Poland does not apply in the UK.

If you are simply transferring onto a another plane in London, then like almost all other countries, you need to get a transit visa.

If you are a non-EU resident and want to come to the UK to work, then you need a work permit and visa. No employer can (legally) employ you without this.
JollyRomek 7 | 481
23 Jan 2015 #7
If you are simply transferring onto a another plane in London, then like almost all other countries, you need to get a transit visa.

Since when does transferring onto another flight require a transit visa? That would only apply if you land in Heathrow but take another flight from Gatwick, i.e. you are leaving the airport. If you transfer within the same airport you simply stay in the transfer zone. No need for a transit visa.

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