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Polish - Colombian marriage

bmrpl 1 | 1
12 Feb 2013 #1
hi there, I'm Polish citizen, living in UK since 2004. 2 years ago i met a Colombian girl online, visited her in south America and last year she spent 5 months with me in england. we are planning to get married in Colombia (should be easier than to get her UK visa) and to live in UK. never tried to get married, so i'm flying in the dark. what's the documents i need, procedures?? i assume as soon as we legalise our partnership she can settle down in UK, and start working etc

any suggestions guys??

thanks a lot
ukangel 8 | 56
13 Feb 2013 #2
Tell her to ask the British embassy In Columbia for the procedure of applying a visa for UK.
13 Feb 2013 #3
The country name is COLOMBIA. Columbia is a strict district in US.

Bmrl, I got married in Colombia too and the procedure was pretty simple. It took less than a month. Basically u both need to prove u r single. All documents need to be translated to Spanish.

Not sure about the UK visa though. Before she can work she would need a resident permit + work permit. U need to prove to the authorities that u r not marrying just for the papers, that normally involves visits from the immigration service and a lot of patience.

Good luck
OP bmrpl 1 | 1
18 Feb 2013 #4

thx ukangel, but we've been there before. the only information they give you is to go to their website which gives you only basic information. i guess our case is more complicated...


thx Juancho

i don't speak spanish, can i have an english translator at the wedding? (sounds bizarre to me to be honest)

i spoke to an agency dealing with visas, they said it wont be a problem, and they will take care of everything apart of the wedding itself.

it's not a cheap option but seems to be the only sensible one, otherwise it's just flying in the dark and ukba only waits for a slightest reson to refuse you entry...

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